In My Garden

Out early this morning to pick capsicum and spring onions.  Lovely fresh morning and equally lovely fresh veg.

 Capscium and Spring Onions

 The capsicum is in the same bed as the tomatos so I will try the “hot house” experiment on it as well as the tomatos and see how I go.

Meanwhile the seeds I planted the other day are not quite up yet but should be any day (crossing fingers) those seeds that are up are growing strongly and I can see some thinning might be necessary to get decent sized crops. I hate thinning out seedlings. It seems to take forever for them to grow – then I ruthlessly pull out those I don’t need but there isn’t room in the vegie garden for all of them.

Dward Sweet Pea

After the vegetable picking excercise I noticed that at last my dwarf sweet peas have finally started to shoot. They are planted in a bed next to the pergola and should (fingers and toes crossed) give a really good display over the winter months.  Does anyone else soak their sweet pea seeds over night before planting them to help them grow? I did this time but not sure it made any difference to them germinating any faster.

Off to continue making salads. An important Birthday tomorrow but will blog about it then.


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