Socks In Progress

 I knew I like DPN’s for a reason.

Remember what these socks looked like last week.

Socks on Circular Needles

Saturday the green sock was taken off the circular needles, placed with care on the DPN’s and away I went.  A good western movie on the tv Saturday afternoon and I was motoring along.  The sock was completed, inlcluding darning in the tails of wool by the end of the Saturday night movie.

Sunday saw the blue sock going the way of it’s partner and being put onto the dpn’s. Be the end of the Sunday night movie that sock was finished. Gotta love it when there are good movies on TV.

Finished Socks

For a brief nano second there was a touch of second sock syndrome. I have so many patterns printed and so many scrummy skeins of sock yarn waiting that I was seriously tempted to start something new – but I was good.

Yesterday saw the second blue sock being cast on while waiting for Ashley to come home for lunch and by the time I went to bed a whole 5 inches had been knitted.

Second Blue Sock - progress.

A little more knitting this morning saw me at the heel flap and waiting in the dentist waiting room with Nicola to see the orthodontist saw the heel flap finished.

Goodness knows how much I will get done tonight but I have to say I’m very motivated. Could that be because this morning it was really cold with a stiff wind blowing? Just the right weather for a warm pair of socks.  Autumn is truly here.  Never mind that this afternoon we are all back in Tshirts and shorts again.


5 thoughts on “Socks In Progress

  1. Very nice, goes to show that you do go faster when using the dpns. I like seeing the two different socks on your feet at the same time. I guess it does provide you with some motivation to start two different colours and then you have to finish otherwise you’re stuck with unmatched socks.

    Funny to hear about the colder weather because it seems like it was just yesterday that you were complaining about how hot it was. Still cold here with minus 14 brrrr!

  2. Never thought to ask, is that a 100 gram ball of yarn you’re knitting up for each pair? I like the length. Would a 50 gram give you two pairs but only ankle length?

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