I love making soap.

Just made soap

I especially like making soap and using these two lunchboxes as molds for the soap. From the op shop I think they cost the princely sum of 20 cents and are just the right size for smaller batches of soap.

Cut Soap

This soap is for Nicola. She has been using the Dove soap which as you know can be fairly expensive at around $5.00 for two bars. Nicola needs soap with extra moisturising for her skin – the excema she had as a baby can still flare up if she isn’t careful so we were buying the Dove soap on the advice of the excema specialist.

Now, however, and being a HUGE fan of handmade soaps, I decided to try making her some soap using the Beeswax and Olive Oil Soap Recipe from Cranberry Lane.  The recipe says its for normal and sensitive skin so it should suit her.  You can find the PDF here   It’s the very first recipe on the PDF which makes it pretty darn easy to find.  Funny about that.  Best of all I had all the ingredients in the cupboard so I whipped up a batch.

I scented the soap with Rose & Violet essential oils at trace then poured two thirds of the mix into the mould.  The remaining third I put in blue soap colouring (which ended up going purpley pink), mixed it well and poured it on top of the other soap. Swirled it round with a knife and got a marbelled effect.  The soap won’t be ready until the end of March….sigh….so Nicola can’t try it until then.  In the meantime I get to work in the most amazingly sweetly scented laundry while the soap is drying.

I added up the cost of ingredients too and each bar cost less than 50 cents each to make.

4 thoughts on “Soap

  1. Oh! Thanks for sharing! I could see this as being a great project to do with the girls, because they CERTAINLY go through soap like mad-women! ((which IS a good thing; I’m not complaining; they at least use soap!)

  2. I’ve always wanted to make soap but could never find lye anywhere to make it with.

    Interesting that something so caustic ends up being mixed with other ingredients and then used to wash our skin with.

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