By lots of knitting, in between the hairpin lace shawl sessions, I have finally managed to get the heel flaps knitted on these socks.

Socks on Circular Needles

These are the ones that have been languishing in the ufo pile for some time.  They are knitted on two circular needles and  I have to admit even though I have manged to get this far I’m not loving the technique.

If there is one thing I loathe its ladders caused by knitting in socks.  Perhaps it’s because when I knitted my first pair of socks Mum kept asking me had I moved the stitches around on the needles to prevent ladders appearing everytime she saw me knitting them.  Perhaps it’s because I’m a bit fussy that way.  Either way I don’t like the fact I have ladders appearing in these socks despite following the books instructions.  Perhaps practice will make perfect but I can’t see myself practising this technique all that much to be honest.

The dreaded Sock Ladders

I have to admit too that while I can see the advantages of this style of knitting – certainly if you are doing a complicated pattern it makes it easier to knit a larger number of stitches before changing needles – the mere fact of fiddling around with sliding stitches along these needles drives me bonkers.

Is it a quicker way to knit socks??? Well to be honest I’m not sure. I feel like it’s taking me longer than using DPN’s but others may feel different.

And if I want to be totally honest I love knitting with double pointed needles. Maybe it makes me feel clever.  Maybe it is the fact that I can whip through the few stitches on each needle quickly which makes me feel like I’m making excellent progress on a sock.  Maybe it’s because if I’m interrupted (which I frequently am) I can tell whoever it is to just wait until I have finished that row and they do wait cause they know that I only have a few stitches to knit.  Whatever the reason I’m at the stage of taking these socks off the circular needles, transferring them to DPN’s and finishing them that way.

Does that make me loopy?  Not sure but I don’t care.  I also find that I don’t have (or haven’t had yet) the second sock syndrome when knitting with DPN’s. I find if I discover a sock pattern that I want to knit badly enough I don’t care how long it takes me to knit two socks separately – the sock itself excites me – not the fact it’s part of a pair.


4 thoughts on “Socks

  1. I love my dpns too. I just knit 2 socks in stages: sock 1: knit the cuff then Co sock 2 to knit the second cuff en a bit of the leg.. then switch to sock 1 again and so forth. with toe up its the same: knit a bit on sock one and then knit it on sock 2. It goes just as fast and sometimes faster then 2 socks on acircs too. With me that is I love your blog and your socks 🙂

  2. I have to admit that when I saw the books using the cables to knit socks the method didn’t appeal to me. It just seemed to confusing and I’d rather be working on one item at a time anyway on my dpns.

    Haven’t knit the socks yet but I do like knitting up fair isle sweaters using the dpns for the sleeves and then joining in the round.

  3. Not sure that I would swap needles mid sock but if you like your DPN better then you will enjoy knitting with them more and the socks will grow quicker! Found my unfinished socks from 2 winters ago last week so they are back on the pile of ‘must get to soon’!

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