A Day Trip To Bendigo

Elise and I had a day trip to Bendigo today.  We went for several reasons…..

Because we could.

Because Elise needed more hours up on her learners licence (we are getting closer to the magical 120 hours she need to have) and she needed to do some busy city driving.

Because we wanted to look at fabric just to see what there was in the way of evening fabric for Elise- and possibly dress fabric for me.

Because with all the homework Elise has been doing and the stress it is causing both of us a day out was needed.

Because who doesn’t enjoy a day at the shops even if you have declared that you won’t buy anything – Ok so that lasted until  I got to Spotlight but I restrained myself admirably.

Elise drove my car – the Ford Territory – with strict instructions that if she dented it, scratched it or worse crashed it – she would be grounded for the rest of her life. I’m a bit precious when it comes to my car. I love it  and it’s the first really, really nice car I have ever had.  It also has automatic gears which Elise hasn’t used before but she coped well.  Lets face it how hard is it……select drive to go forward or reverse to go backwards!!!  Throw in the fact it’s three times bigger than her little Daewoo and it was a whole new driving experience. Ashley and I both firmly believe that the more practice she has and in different cars will make her a safer driver in the long run.  So it’s run of the mill around here for Elise to be told to get into the suzuki or the daewoo or (now she has shown how careful she is) my car to go for a drive.  To be honest she coped better with the traffic in Bendigo than I normally do and there was lots of traffic.  Parking was a little tricky but she managed it and we didn’t wipe out any other cars while doing it – so it’s all smiles here.

We didn’t find much in the way of fabric. Is it just me or is Spotlight really falling down in the dress fabric department???? Once upon a time they had a brillant selection but not any more. Another question. Does anyone know if Bendigo still has a Lincraft???????  We looked for it but couldn’t find it. I even googled it on my phone and the site said it was there but we couldn’t see it.  Very disappointing. 

Elise did find some clothes that she liked – casual stuff and bought a few tops and pants. It’s come to the stage when either of us find something that we like and it fits and suits us we don’t try to talk ourselves out it very much.  We just grab it providing we think we will get quite a bit of wear out it the item.  Both of us are really odd shapes and it’s hard to find things that we feel good in and that looks good. She also managed to find a lovely silky top in a very soft gold to wear to a friends 18th which is in a few weeks time. The top was only $10 and with the black slacks she already has it will make a lovely outfit. There’s nothing like a bargain to add sweetness to the day.   Shoes were also the order of the day and she found some strappy black medium height heeled sandles that she will get heaps of wear out of and that look stunning on her.  With quite a few dressy occassions coming up and her Year 12 formal at the end of the year we figured they were a good buy. Best of all they fit me – so I can wear them when she doesn’t need them….yipeee.

Home past all the water that is still lying around at Kerang. The road was good and we only had to stop in one place where the water was lapping half way across the road as it had traffic lights for safety. Traffic was minimal until we got to Bendigo when it got really heavy, really fast but then it dwindled down to nothing again heading home.  We did have a lovely day chatting and discussing Elise’s uni options.  I also got quite a bit of my socks knitted. The same two socks that I was working on while with Ashley travelling around at work and they have been languishing ever since. I’m part way through the heel flap which was pretty good progress. I have discovered thought that I do need my reading glasses for close work as I found when I looked up from my knitting that everything was blurry in the distance.  

Now we are back to the routine that home and Year 12 entails.

5 thoughts on “A Day Trip To Bendigo

  1. Maybe this is another reason I can add to the very small plus side of having to have a hysterectomy very young, therefore no kids….I am not sure how my nerves would have coped. I was the worst back seat driver in history and my darling boyfriend taught me to drive, then a school teaching mate or two took over at the end to get my license. At 28 mind you…..seemed to have lads on tap till around that age. I partly did not want to celebrate this birthday as I have no family..no siblings etc and Dad was protective about me getting a car…so none of this day 18 stuff for me. I can be a reasonable plus passenger now, but still prefer to drive. I think I may have let a friends son drive their car with L plates once and moi as designated driver…..think of all the fun I missed out on…….I think!! Did you see my lovely new quilt. Another present. very spoilt brat here.

  2. From what I hear of VCE (work with a couple of Year 12 kids)the parents need a certificate as much as the kids do.. Spotlight have very poor fabrics as do Lincraft these days in fact there are no longer the fabric shops that there used to be… Even poor old Clegs in the city have reduced their shop size they sell beautiful fabrics but are quite expensive… I know there is a shop in Fitzroy that sell really good fabrics at a reasonable price.. Can’t think of its name but I could find out if you intend having a VCE stress free day…

  3. Ayden and I are off for a long drive tomorrow to keep his hours up. I think we might go up to skipton. It’s so hard getting his hours in with his work shifts and mostly we drive before work. At least he has until the end of November. Good luck with the Uni options. Ayden’s going to do the testing for medical degrees just in case he changes his mind about environmental engineering. Sound like you managed some bargins too!

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