This is On My Mind……

Hairpin Crochet or Hairpin Lace as it is sometimes known.

Hairpin Lace

This is destined to be a shawl for Mum to wear at a wedding that is only a couple of weeks away so it’s top priority.

 Had known just how long it took to make each strip of loops (340 loops in each strip) and I needed twelve strips but have settled on eight I may not have been so keen to volunteer…vbg.

It’s a good thing when I decide to make something that I don’t calculate the number of hours it will take to complete it as I might never get anything done.  Luckily this kind of work makes my soul sing – which is the whole idea.  I have also declared this shawl to be an Heirloom because the chances of me making another one are exceedlingly small – although once it is completed no doubt I will change my mind as the possibilites for using this kind of lace is immense.

You can see what the finished shawl should look like from the magazine. Don’t mind the cup of tea either – I am going to need lots of them plus it’s very handy for holding the strips in place while I work on joining them together…lol.

You can do a google search for Hairpin Crochet or Hairpin lace as there are heaps of sites out there that will explain it.  One link that shows how to make not only the crochet but also how to join the strips is here

Thanks as always to Rhonda.


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