This Is On My Mind……


I know it’s hard to see in this photo but trust me it’s bucketing down. 

More Rain

After two days of hot and humid weather you would think that it would become cooler but no such luck.

From My Sewing Room Window

This is the view from my sewing room window.

It’s still hot and humid and very, very tropical. The stupid thing is I have the reverse cycle airconditioners going as they remove the humidity from the house and keep it at a comfortable tempreture. Whatever happened to normal weather patterns? While yes we need rain we also don’t need it. Even though it would apprear the flood threat has passed the river is still very, very high and a close watch has to be kept on the levee banks to make sure that all is well.  Spare a thought for the fruit growers too. This rain and humidity is having a devistating effect on their crops.  One grower Ashley saw said up to 70% of fruit on each tree was worthless due to rotting.

Thanks as always to Rhonda for the inpiration behind these posts.  Have a look at Rhonda’s garden (just click on the link) and how wonderfully organised it is.


8 thoughts on “This Is On My Mind……

  1. Wow that is lots of rain…To be honest I would trade you for all our snow…
    Starting next week we are to get into the 40’s and that seems like a heat wave…lol Hopefully the foot of snow on our roof will melt…sigh

  2. That garden is too perfect for me
    It was so humid here last night as a friend tried to help me get house together after the flooding… in blog. And yes you go to wipe the window and the condensation is on the outside. Today was colder and so is tomorrow for which I am super thankful as I am turning 100 and have been organized into a party………well it has one 0 on the end of the number.

  3. Normal weather patterns are no more it seems … well, this year anyway! Yes, we do spare many thoughts for our farmers too, with all the wet.
    Glad to hear your flood threat has passed.

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