Sewing Patterns and Crochet

The search for fabric and reasonably priced patterns continues here in my home. Rachel directed me to a site she said had good bargains for patterns.  As life sometimes happens I had looked at this site earlier and thought it’s good but it’s overseas and I would mean I would have to wait for my pattern.  See when the sewing bug bites I want to sew now – not in a week or so’s time when the pattern arrives.  Yes I know I’m impatient – but that’s the way I am.

So of course what else could I do but go back and have another really good look.  Now before I go on of course there are no affils with this site but I found it to be easy to use, excellent service and best of all if I downloaded the pattern it was in my computer in 15 minutes or less and because I was downloading it, printing it out etc it was also heaps cheaper.

I found the pattern that Elise liked – See & Sew B5307 and after some discussion with Elise decided to download the pattern to try it out.  To purchase the pattern is easy and after some fiddling (remember I’m not super computer savvy) I had it all set up and printing out.  We were working on the theory that if the dress didn’t look any good on her then we have only wasted a few dollars rather than $20 which seemed good sense to me.  Ohh and by the way when you select a pattern to print out you get multiple sizes (if that’s what the pattern has) just as if you had bought the pattern as normal. 


Then comes the fun bit. Ok so I reverted to my childhood and played with paper and a glue stick but I enjoyed myself….vbg.


There was some trimming of each page to do and a paper cutter certainly made that easier. I must add though when I printed out as second pattern the next day (couldn’t help myself and just had to try out Simplicity 2892)  I didn’t bother to trim the pattern I just stuck it together.  It still worked the same. I just had to make sure I matched up all the lines.

In the end you end up with a pattern that looks like this…….


It’s the same as any pattern you would buy but it’s printed onto computer paper. The instructions then say you can cut up the pattern and use it as normal. I left mine as a whole and just traced off the pattern peices I wanted. I draw and make notes all over my patterns so to me it makes sense to keep the original intact and have other patterns I can use at will.  By the way I love having a pattern printed on solid paper. I hate/loathe/will do just about anything to avoid the tedious chore of cutting up those flimsy tissue paper patterns. 

If anyone knows of any good places to buy fabric at reasonable prices please let me know.  Travelling to Melbourne for me isn’t an option – I loathe the city and would get horribly lost- so online is easiest. I don’t mind even if the fabric is from overseas. With the Aussie/American dollar looking very good now is the time to buy….vbg.  There are others who have contacted me and asked for links as well so please if you know of somewhere good please share.

I haven’t traced or cut out Elise’s dress yet but I have got myself all prepared with the fabric cut to try out the other pattern which is a rather lovely looking top/shirt.  Sewing that may be a job for another day. Two days of being on my feet either sticking patterns together or cleaning the house has not done wonders for my back and I intend (now the housework is done) to spend much of the day under the airconditioner crocheting Mum’s shawl.


Who would know that it takes so long to crochet 340 loops for each section of the shawl!!!  I need twelve strips of loops and have done about 5 – I think this is the sixth.  Then I still have to join them all together although I think that will be fairly quick …………….I hope!!!  Yes they look weird as I have safety pinned together the loops in groups of 20.  There was no way I was going to count to 340 multiple times to check I had enough loops.

If I get bored with this there are always plenty of other projects in the pipeline.  A massive clean up of my sewing room yesterday presented all sorts of possibilities for further sewing/knitting/crocheting sessions. Who knew there were so many UFO’s in my sewing room.  ; – )


7 thoughts on “Sewing Patterns and Crochet

  1. I love that pattern you have picked out for Elise. It looks really versatile too. How did I miss that one! I’ve ordered a heap of the new look ones on special, and they have just let me know my order is in the mail so a bit of waiting to go, but I bought 8 patterns with postage for under $30. I’m happy with that

  2. Have a look at Hancocks for material – they are in America, dunno if they do flash material but they DO have extremely cheap quilt stuff. My Best Sister in Tassie bought some – err a HEAP – (but is nervous about computers so I did all the work with her cc, he he). She wanted to spend $200 + postage, and then the $ went to parity, and THEN I got a 10% voucher emailed from them, and when I added that and totalled THEY GAVE FREE POSTAGE AS WELL!!!! So she got about $600 of material if she had bought it here for less than $190. (And then she gave me a great whack of it for helping her, VBG!).
    Op shops have HEAPS of great patterns – been hitting them a fair bit lately, and got a couple of shoe boxes full. Even ones going back to 70s and 80s aren’t so bad if you think of mod materials and a bit of tweaking. DO like those two that you showed on this entry however.
    Bit over this rain, too – I got flooded the w/e before Oz Day all along east and half south side of house, up to first course of mud bricks. Last w/e it flooded all along the south, west as well as east – and through onto floors. The mud bricks have all eroded. Just hope they hold up…
    Though the garden is looking lovely and green…
    Hugs, happy NY, too. XXXXX

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