Pliers and Split Pins can repair anything

…..well especially mower deck wheels when they come off in the middle of mowing…sigh.

Pliers and Split Pins can fix anything

It’s lovely and cool again today so I decided to mow the lawns.

Broken - the wheel came off

I didn’t even get half way round the front lawn when I noticed this wheel lying in the grass. The other wheels have special clips to hold them onto the mower deck but this one is missing. The wheel fell off a few weeks ago on me and I repaired it using wire.  ; – )


The wire broke though so I had to hunt in the shed for a split pin and some pliers (which I am sure Ashley hides on me so I can’t use them) and repair it.  It’s temporary at best and he assures me he will fix it – eventually.


Mowing resumed and I was getting there. If you are expecting lawns like you would find on a bowling green……don’t come to my place.  There is no such thing as a perfectly mown lawn.  Come to think of it there is no such thing as a weed free garden bed around here.

Self Portrait - scary stuff

Now just in case all that industry didn’t scare you I thought I would include a self portrait.  It’s hard to take a self portrait while driving the tractor I might add.  That’s me. Crows feet, wrinkles, no make up, hair everywhere, headphones in – at that stage I had Roy Orbison playing (now that really scared you didn’t it????) and ear muffs so I could hear the music.

Two insane dogs

If the self portrait of me didn’t scare you then check out the two insane dogs.  The small hairy one tried to pretend he was nice and normal but no such luck for the big and very noisy red one.  She raced around all over the yard – obviously trying to pretend she was busy scaring off something – but it didn’t work. I knew – the wind was ruffling her fur, Mum was outside for a change and it was a good day for quite a bit of slightly insane running around. 

By the way – she is now sleeping on my bed. Obviously being insane is a pretty exhausting state to be in.


One thought on “Pliers and Split Pins can repair anything

  1. Love the picture of yourself, add a few pounds, darken the hair, make the eyes puffier, add in a few more wrinkles and you’d have me. Love the reality, life is too short to worry about body beautiful.

    I like your mower we could do with one here given that it takes about two hours to mow our grass but John regards it as a work-out. It takes me about 3 hours with my puny muscles.

    The dogs sound like the baby, run around for a couple of hours and then conk out instantaneously.

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