This is on my Mind…..


Handspun hat and Cabobble Mittens

While playing the flood waiting game I have been busy knitting.  A handspun woolen beanie for a friend’s 60th and mittens knitted with 8 ply commercial yarn that was hand dyed with plants. They are destined as a Christmas present – but I’m just not sure who to give them to – yet!!!  The pattern is the Cabobble Mittens from The Daily Skein.  Super easy and a great way to play with cables if you haven’t tried them before.

Thanks always to Rhonda for inspiration for these posts.


10 thoughts on “This is on my Mind…..

  1. I can think of no better way than knitting to pass the time away. Love those mittens so thank for the link – may even try some myself.
    With so many news stories on the floods here there and everywhere its hard for some us not really ‘involved’ to realise what is happening and going on right under our noses. Yes there was the drama of Queensland but reading your last few posts have revealed many things ‘local’ to me – good luck with holding the water back.

  2. Hi Calidore, lovely to have you visit my blog.
    The flood waiting game …. I do hope the knitting helped. You certainly produced such beautiful work.
    All the best, Susan 🙂

  3. wow, well done, Calidore! I’m so very impressed with all you talented knitters. wish I had the talent to turn my stress into something so useful and lovely.

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