Still Waiting

At the moment I’m not sure what is worse.  Waiting for the flood peak to arrive or sweltering in the 43 degree heat that is also hot and humid.  Actually when I think about it both are pretty darn horrible.

To be honest I’m not sure when the flood peak is going to arrive or if it already has.   The date has been pushed back so many times that I don’t think anyone knows.  We are well prepared  as a community and while there have been breaches in levee banks in surrounding areas of Swan Hill, those breaches are undercontrol with authorities and locals working hard on them.

Murray River

Standing on the Victorian side looking towards New South Wales – yes we are a border town.

On Sunday Ashley took Elise and I down to look at the river.  It’s a pretty awesome sight and the smell is revolting.   Swampy and off and rotting all rolled into one.   It wasn’t  surprising to see how many people were down at the rivers edge. Each wondering, like we were, just what was happening and just how high the river is.

Swan Hill Bridge

Swan Hill Bridge.  The centre part is supposed to lift up to allow boats through but those working on it haven’t replaced all the parts – even after two years of “work’.

For this little duck though life went on as normal.  Though you can’t see it by the photo this little guy was paddling at full steam ahead but only creeping forward against the flow of water. He seemed to be checking out all the on lookers as much as they were checking out him and the river.

Madly paddling

We also checked out the housing estate River Oaks which faces the little Murray.

River Oaks - a subdivision

The river is high but again has some way to go before it over tops the levee.

We also popped out to see friends of ours out on Pental Island. They are fine – gardening on the day we saw them. I offered to let them come and play in my garden but strangely enough they didn’t jump at the offer….vbg.

Pental Island - Little Murray River

They face onto the Little Murray (the Murray river splits in two around Pental Island giving the Little Murray on one side and the Murray on the other) but are confident the levee will hold and they will be safe. You might be just able to see a little iron shed in the photo (Right hand side about the middle partially hidden by trees). It’s the pump shed and only a few weeks ago Ashley drove the work truck up to the door of that shed to do some work in it.

While I would like to be able to give you more news there is none. Like my last post it’s a waiting game now.  Life goes on as normal.  Business is as usual in the town and we are busy – to busy considering the heat but are both taking it easy and most days trying to take the afternoons off as by then it’s far too warm to be outside.  School resumes on Friday. Not that I’m celebrating – much….lol – but the kids are well and truly ready to go back and for the most part looking forward to it.  Nicola had her Orthodontist appointment yesterday. It was the appointment that was meant to occur two weeks ago but was cancelled as her dentist couldn’t get to Swan Hill (from Bendigo) due to the floods.  Her face is as ususal sore and swollen but hopefully painkillers and lots of sleep today will help – regardless she has to go tomorrow to school as it’s when lockers etc are sorted out. To miss that will stuff up the first real week back at school.

Right off to get organised for work. Ashley is picking me up shortly.  As always if anything major happens with the floods I will blog it. Until then I will be the rather large puddle  melting onto the ground while trying to work.

3 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Thought of you last night when I was watching that big system over Renmark. Praying it will move before heading here…..but noticed you would be in the way.
    I was flooded inside last night……Two down lights just streamed water…..this happened three years or so ago.
    But also into other rooms. Reckon about three rooms will need new plaster and will need the carpet drying blower on for several days.
    We are ok………slept well after all the drama but was not coping too well with asthma at one stage then friends came. Keep safe.

  2. Just got back from holiday, glad to see you haven’t had any water problems yet but feel for you in the heat. Lots and lots of snow here so if you need a break…..just saying 🙂

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