Map Update on Flooding

I have just checked the State Emergency Website again – as Ashley and I and many others have done repeatedly during this crisis.

They have just uploaded a map which shows just where the flood waters are and where the impacted towns are.  You can find the map here.

We are fine.  The powers that be are reasonably confident that the levees around Swan Hill township will hold (unless Mother Nature throws a curve ball) unfortunately many of the outlying areas will be flooded.

There is a lot of sandbagging happening to keep the water away and many more volunteers are filling sandbags. Please keep all those effected by this disaster in your thoughts and prayers.


3 thoughts on “Map Update on Flooding

  1. We’ll Pray everything goes alright Catherine not only for you and your family but for others as well. I’ll be thinking of you and thanks for keeping us all posted on how things are going.

  2. Good luck! Although from what I have heard/read you should be fine.
    We have lost our second farm completely to flood waters – it back onto the pyramid creek, which is fed by kow swamp.
    STill have three days to wait to know our home farm and our home are “in the clear”
    THis waiting stuff is tiring
    My other word of advice for you, besides the listen to the authorites not the word down the road is, if you are thinking of doing/moving something do it!

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