Projected Flood Maps

At last the city council has put maps up on their website showing the projected spread of the flood waters.

Now keep in mind these are just PROJECTED flood waters and as we all know Mother Nature may not have these maps and even if she does may not be following them.

You can find the maps for Swan Hill here, Pental Island here and Tyntynder Flats here.

If you are really keen to see just how far the water may spread print out all three maps then brace yourself. I would tell you how to put the maps together but unless you know the district it’s a bit like a Chinese Puzzle – very difficult – even Mum who has lived here all her life had trouble.

I have the morning off to catch up on a few jobs and grab a few supplies – things we are running out of not panic buying.  Thank goodness I keep a very well stocked pantry (a legacy from the days when we didn’t know if we would have a wage each week) so we are ok.  Ashley has gone out to a friends at Pental Island to help them shift a pump. By the projected flood waters though their home may be underwater depending on how high the waters rise.  They have built it up very high and there is a levee bank but who knows.  They have a beautiful home full of lovely antique furniture and no doubt will be doing all they can (as are many others on Pental Island) to save all they can.

I’ll keep you posted.  The peak isn’t expected here until sometime between Sunday and Tuesday but with all things at the moment – who knows.


6 thoughts on “Projected Flood Maps

  1. Catherine….I have just learned that Swan Hill is in flood danger. (I have been “away” volunteering in Flood relief up here this past 6 is “day off”)
    My prayers are with you all that you remain safe.
    Oh! Belated happy Birthday for the other day ;-( Sorry I didnt get to you

  2. You and my friend on a dairy farm at Kerang are in my prayers.
    My maternal Great Grandparents home at Rochester on the Campaspe would I imagine have been hit. There are no family there any more.
    It is gray here and looking like rain, but we are able to take it here.

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