Quick Flood Update

A quick up date on the flood situation was called for. 

Tonight Ashley, Mum, Elise and I went to a town meeting which was held to discuss the flood crisis and the implications for the town.  In total there were approx. five meetings held covering the main areas that may be affected by the flood around Swan Hill held over the course of the day.  The local radio station has been marvelous in keeping the community up to date with the latest developments and had even broadcast each meeting so that those who couldn’t attend could still listen in.   I have never seen the Town Hall so full of people (those that could fit that is) , each of whom had concerned/worried/scared faces as we waited to see what the outlook was for our town.

In short  and at this stage,  it would appear that the authorities who know these things,  say that the levee bank which is built along the river protecting the town will hold and that we are in no danger.  However like all things connected with nature, there is always the chance that Mother Nature will decide that we are not enough on tenterhooks and will try something different.  There is also a  channel called Channel No 9 which if it breaks will flood most of the town but there are major efforts being directed to that area to try and ensure that it won’t break.  That channel runs through the town which does not help matters.

The meetings were good as they had a map showing the spread of the flood water.  Whether Mother Nature also has that map and is following it is another matter. Some feelings ran high and you could see that those who lived closest to the river were defiantly worried and angry and concerned that there weren’t enough sand bags to help to protect their homes. Apparently there are sandbags but they are being directed to protect the most important parts of Swan Hill’s infistructor.   There was also the feeling that it was up to each man to help himself (and his neighbour) as resources were being stretched thinly (as often happens in this kind of crisis) but there was also a very strong sentiment of if our town was in threat just send out the word and there would be plenty to help protect it.

Kerang – just down the road – is holding its own and is still dry as is the power sub station due to the efforts of a great many people who have worked tirelessly.  You can see some photos of Kerang and the Substation here on ABC news.  Just scroll through them.  The photos should also give you some idea of the amounts of water we are facing.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, support and birthday wishes. They meant so much at such a difficult time. While we are not out of the woods by a long shot we are definitely feeling a bit happier about the situation but that does not mean the family and I will not be preparing for the worst and hopeing for the best.  Unfortunately while Swan Hill may not be flooded many of the out lying areas will be so there will still be considerable hardship felt in our community.


6 thoughts on “Quick Flood Update

  1. have been watching the news maps and hope that all will go well.
    Waiting is not the best experience.
    I asked about my flood coverage when I rang today…..not that I am near a river…5km from Werribee river which is not a huge one and was told that if it is a flash flood from a downpour or blocked drains in the street or storm tempest or cyclone I am covered but not for this type of flood. I hope the Government does something to provide some sort of insurance for these types of floods…at least some help is better than none…but I feel for those folk who thought they were covered and had to find out the hard way.

  2. Hmmmmm … do you think Mother Nature has a blog? We could send her the link so that she can follow the town’s plans too 😉

    Glad to hear your place is safe(ish) and that the local community are pulling together.

  3. Good luck! We have flood waters on our back door step literally but are hopeful they wont encroach any further
    Just one word of advice in this trying times – be careful to what you listen to – many will exageratte and change the story of the exact situation!

  4. Good luck to you and yours. It’s mind boggling to look at the pictures and realize how much land mass these floods are covering. I hope Mother Nature co-operates and the flood waters subside soon! Helen sitting in snowy Canada

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