This Is On My Mind…..

Rain, Rain and more Rain.

We are fine and there is no chance that we will end up even remotely in the situation that Queensland is in but I must admit it’s a worry looking out the front of our house seeing the lake that is our drive and front lawn.

The Front Drive

Ashley and I can’t remember a time when there was so much water that the track up to Mum’s house (on our block) was this wet.

Looking towards Mum's House

We have had pools of water where the track is lower but not to this extent.

This mornings task is to try and pump the water somewhere – unfortuantely we are running out of places to pump it.

This is a minor inconvenience compared to Queensland’s horrors and I’m very grateful for that.

Thanks always to Rhonda for providing the opportunity for the This is On My Mind posts.


8 thoughts on “This Is On My Mind…..

  1. It’s incredible, isn’t it. Well, I suppose it does tell us: “from droughts to flooding rains.” Is that close to a creek or river? I guess the problem is that the ground is so soaked with water already, a lot of it just sits there and evaporates off.

  2. I don’t suppose you have your pool sitting around empty do you? You could pump the water into it until it dries up enough to get rid of it.

    How far from the house is this? Are we talking sandbags here? I can see why you’re thinking of putting in another pond for storage.

  3. Dear Calidore: I hope the best for you. Nature is so unpredictable these days. We had spring weather till way after Christmas. Now it is -22c never know what is going to happen. Our prayers are with the people in Queensland. B

  4. It’s pictures like this and those of the truly tragic flooding in Queensland that make me want to never move from our home on a hill. At least not until we find another hill! Hope the rains don’t affect your homespace, Calidore.

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