This is On my Mind….

This is on my mind…..

Spinning and watching Peak Moment

Spinning using the electric Spinning Wheel as I need 100 grams of homespun yarn by the beginning of February for the first meeting of Spinners and Weavers.  We have no idea what we are doing with the yarn – but are assured it will be fun.  I much prefer my foot operated spinning wheel – but time is of the essence at the moment so the electric wheel has been pressed into service. 

Of couse what else could I do but watch Peak Moment as I spin.

Many thanks as always to Rhonda for encouraging bloggers to join in and share our lives.

11 thoughts on “This is On my Mind….

  1. There is a certain charm about the old spinning wheels but I think technology has it’s place and someday someone will be saying the same thing about this electronic version. I embrace the different styles.

  2. Thank you for those two links…I just listened to the time money one and tried to see if the library had the book to see what the nine steps were. I was unaware of the area of UTube. I could not relax and listen until I played free cell as I did not have hand work to do and I cannot cope with just listening…lol.
    I like the this is on my mind link also.
    I love how blogging reflects the Robert Frost poem of The Road not taken, when he says something about how way leads onto way……
    it is good.

  3. I popped over from down to earth. My on my mind was about spinning too! what’s that you’re spinning there? looks less halo-ish than the merino-silk-angora I’m working on.

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