Two Red Things

Just had to show you the Tomatoes I picked last night…..and Milly’s big head as she just had to check out what was happening.

Two Red Things

The bushes are absolutely loaded with fruit but there aren’t any new flowers forming.  A friend said he had the same thing happening to him. Lots of fruit but no new flowers.

I have watered them well and poured lots of worm wee tea on them (last night)  in the hope that  it  might help.

Any other suggestions?  All ideas gratefully received and will be trialled.

Now because this is a warts and all blog I shall confess something.

There was a hissing sound in the pantry last night and today James discovered what it was.

Two of the jars of Fruit salad that I had preserved in the microwave hadn’t sealed properly – despite the lids being on tight and sitting them upside down to check for leaks as the book suggested.

Takeing the lids off I was greeted with a strong smell of fermenting liquid – not unpleasant I have to say. The contents of those bottles went to the chooks – who James was very quick to inform me – loved their impromptu feed.

Could it be I now have slightly drunk chooks in my hen house?

I’m not sure what I did wrong and I can see further experimentation is called.


5 thoughts on “Two Red Things

  1. I googled and it could be it’s too hot both during the day and night or it could be that you’ve fertilized too well and the plant is so healthy it doesn’t need to try to produce fruit. Drought can cause lack of flowers as well but I’m assuming from all the rain you’ve been getting that’s not a problem.

    There is such a thing as blossom drop as well but you said you had no flowers to begin with so I guess it isn’t that. Try googling and see what seems right for your conditions.

    I’ve had a few jars do the same thing with me where I think they have a good seal but nada. At least the chooks got the “fruit of your labours”.

  2. oh dear, the jars bring back memories of people having tomato colored ceilings as they internally combusted and sprayed their contents far and wide. As I recall, tomatoes were the worst offenders in bottling disasters. Any CWA books would probably have helpful notes. I cannot remember if you said you were using rubber seals and clips over the top. If those are new it would be odd to have a problem….maybe they were not left long enough to be properly “done”. I also remember ginger beer exploding with loud noises. I do not think Mum had too many bottling disasters but to remember the ginger beer.
    I use seasol on everything. I keep milk plastic containers in the house and when I want hot water in the sink, I fill a 3 lt bottle and leave it cool a little as the last big is usually hot, then put some seasol in it, put the top on and take them out where either my handyman uses them as he plants, or I water things with them. They used to suggest pruning tomatoes so that not too much growth went into long branches but more into developing fruit. My first one to fruit well is a pear shaped small one. It has heaps of bunches of fruit on it. Prior to the drought I had cherry tomatoes coming up in the rose bed and everywhere and was always giving them away. I think it will take a while for things to get back to normal. I have not had black spot for years but had to buy spray this week. Just looking out the kitchen window it struck me how summer is not all that full of color. We seem to have the bursts in Spring and Autumn. Must plant more lilliums next year as they have been good summer color and petunias are out the front. Pansies or violas are still on top of a few of the bulb pots but most of them are finished. Sorry…thinking out loud here.

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