Multi Tasking

 I have to admit today Elise and I had multi tasking down to a fine art.

We drove two hours (each way) to Echuca today for several reasons.

1.  To visit my friend Lyn which was a lovely visit.  I showed her how to do a knitting stitch which had been puzzling her and she made us a lovely cuppa.  Very fair exchange I reckon…vbg.

2.  To get more hours up on Elise’s Learners Permit.  We are still way off the 120 hours that she needs but today added another five and I have to say as busy as Echuca was with all the tourists and regualr business going on Elise coped admirably with the traffic.

3.  We wanted a day away together.

4.  We wanted to see how high the river was at Echuca and see the houseboats.  Well ok so that one was a bonus but the views were pretty spectacular.

Houseboats at Echuca

5.  While in the car together for four hours we wanted to get the details of Elise’s 18th birthday sorted out.  Ok so that was a bonus as well but at least now the guest list is drawn up and the food decided on.

6.  We wanted to do a bit of shopping – only for essential things as I’m sure you understand.  A book (The latest Rangers Apprentice book that I haven’t been able to buy in Swan Hill), birthday presents (Elise got the bargains of the day), and the raw materials for Elise to start making her Christmas presents.

7.  We did some of Elise’s homework. One of her subjects “Design Technology” required that she pick four colour schemes and have paint chips/samples to show the colours chosen.  We cracked the jackpot in Bunnings and got not only paint colours but also possible bench top colours and textured paint colours.

White Chocolate and Rasberry Icecream - Yum!!!!

8.  We wanted to eat the most sumptuous White Chocolate and Raspberry Ice cream ever created. Well actually we only found it when we went to the ice creamery but it was sooooo worth the walk in the heat.

9. We wanted to travel for 5 hours in an un airconditioned  car (as the a/c had broken down yet again in Elise’s car) and as I was having more hot flushes it made the day truly memorable for all the wrong reasons…sigh.

10. Elise wanted a spectacular sunburn on her arms as we didn’t remember the sunscreen and forgot we would have to drive around with the windows down all day.

11.  We did get citronella oil, citronella coils and citronella tea lights to help keep the mossies away.  Thank goodness as Swan Hill has nothing and I do mean nothing, in the way of those products left.

12. Elise did her good deed for the day and took a photo of a young couple with the river in the background for them. The girl was delighted but the young man I have to say looked slightly embarrassed by the whole thing. I just hope the photo worked as from where I was sitting it looked pretty darn good.

13. I got to see the old and the new on the river. The Paddlesteamer “Adelaide” was working her way sedately up the river past the modern houseboats that were moored on the bank. Talk about a contrast.

The Adelaide


3 thoughts on “Multi Tasking

  1. So nice to see all those bright beautiful pictures although I realize it’s hot there. Still overcast here (we must be setting a record for most amount of days with no sun) and snowing now as well. Mind you under every cloud is a silver lining, maybe it’ll snow enough for me to try some snow dyeing, I didn’t get any done last year.

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