Handmade Christmas Update No 2

With the excitement of Christmas a memory and the New Year rolling on – we are into the third day already….wicked grin – I thought I should show you what I have managed to make so far for my Handmade Christmas.

I found a brilliant Mug Rug tutorial on line from Jan Quigley which I loved.  There are heaps of mug rug tutorials out there so if this one doesn’t appeal then go forth and search I’m sure you will find something to your liking.  I confess I got a bit hooked on these.  They were fun, fast, used up strips that were left overs from other projects and quite frankly soothed the inner beast as I felt I was actually achieving something…vbg.

Mug Rugs

I followed the pattern/tutorial as it was written until it came to the backing.  I didn’t have any fusible wadding so I just pinned my backing fabric to wadding/top then folded in the edges not bothering to cut the corners as is suggested and I machined down the binding. It worked fine which the assistance of pins and going slowly and I have mitered corners.

Now remember I did say that some components could be purchased so long so long as the rest of the gift was handmade. With that in mind I picked up these colourful mugs at the local cheap shop for less than 50 cents each (they are such good quality I thought about buying more for me to use but they come under the non essential list…sigh). I plan on filling them with homemade chocolates or rum balls then wrapping them together with the mug rugs as gifts. I have one ear marked for James’s Grade 5 teacher already – and I haven’t met her yet…..lol.

Knitted Pebble Washcloth

I have been working on more knitted wash/dishcloths. I love these as a bit of a no brainer while I’m watching TV.  This was the latest pattern I found – the Knitted Pebble Wash/Dishcloth from Little House in the Suburbs.  I seriously love this pattern.  Both cloths were knitted using 8 ply cotton from the Bendigo Woolen Mills which means they are super soft and I know will wash up beautifully.  The Yellow cloth is knitted using 36 stitches (as the pattern suggests) and 4 mm needles.  It worked out to be approximately 7 inches square unblocked.  The Purple cloth I knitted using 4.5 mm needles and I cast on 46 stitches. It’s about 9 inches square and more the size I prefer.  I’m hoping to get a good stack of cloths knitted over the year which will make for quick and personalised gifts when included with a bar of homemade soap.

Table Runner

Another  quick and easy gift is this table runner from Quiltbus.  I have made so many of these it’s scary but time and time again I come back to it as it is so versitile.  Change the fabrics.  Use a peiced block for the centre block.  Make it longer or shorter. It really is up to you.  Best of all if you make it as the pattern says it only takes three fat quarters plus your backing fabric – a brilliant stash buster.

Having a booklet made up with a list of all the people  I want to give gifts so is going to keep me organised – I hope – this year.  As I think of ideas I jot them down under the persons name then I get to choose which one (or more) I want to make.  I’m working on the theory that it should save time, stop the brain strain and will prevent me going into overload.  Plus I’m going to wrap as I get things finished so that should help as well.

As always if you are inclined to join in the fun please feel free to link here or add a comment or idea.  The more the merrier.


2 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Update No 2

  1. Wow, you’ve got me beat already. You’re going to have a full room of gifts by the time Christmas rolls around again. They all look great and so bright and colourful too 🙂

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