No New Years Resolutions

I don’t make New Years Resolutions. 

I don’t like them. 

In fact I hate the thought of trying to think of all the things I would like to do for the year and naming them. It just doesn’t work for me.

I don’t remember them. I certainly don’t write them down and if I did I could do a guilt trip that would put a child to shame on myself for not achieving the resolutions.

I am going to, however, going to have some wishes for 2011.

If they don’t happen so be it – but there are certain things that I would like to achieve.

1. I want/need to loose weight. My health would be better.  MentallyI would be better and my Doctor would be happier too…..sigh.  Of course the medication I am on for menopause doesn’t help but I can try.  I pulled out the walking machine and set it up in our bedroom on Boxing Day.  I even dusted it off!!!!  Now just to get into the habit of a walk every day. I’m starting small. Ten minutes a day is better than nothing. I know that the experts say 30 minutes a day – but honestly I don’t have time.  Yes I know that I should make time but for the life of me I can’t work out where that time will come from – so for now I will concentrate on 10 minutes a day and be happy with that.

2.  It would be lovely if the garden was weed free and ship shape. Ok so that’s not going to happen but if I can keep up with the vegie garden and pull a few weeds in the other beds I will be happy.

3.  I am going to have a Handmade Christmas and I have already started.  A few small gifts are made – mainly mug rugs – and a book has been created with recipents names in it and I have started listing ideas for gifts under their names.  I’m working on the theory that if I list ideas as I think of them then when the brain is completely fried at least I won’t have to think of a gift – I will just look up the suggestions and go from there.

4.  I will wrap gifts are they are finished.  No more rushing around two days before Christmas madly wrapping presents because I haven’t had time or had to work with Ashley or – as happened this year – forgot that the presents weren’t wrapped.  Once a present is wrapped it and the recipent is crossed off my list then I don’t have to think about that one anymore – well apart from posting the gift or giving to the recipient.  Surely that has to free up some brain space?

5.  I will take life as it comes. A friend tells me that I am the worst in the world for wanting things to happen NOW.  I know that and I am going to try to let life unfold as it will.  That doesn’t mean that prayers won’t be said and fingers crossed but I will try very hard to accept life and circumstances as it happens.  Part of this is triggered by coming to a cross roads in our business.  Do we get bigger?  Do we stay the same?  Do we go in a different direction?  Do we give it all up and live in the woods on what we can gather daily. Ok so the last one isn’t going to happen – children, a mortgage and the fact our hunter gatherer skills are sadly lacking pretty much wipes that out of the picture – but I have to admit there have been many times in the past year where the simplier life has been a true siren call.

6.  Apart from essentials I will not spend any excess money this year.  Actually that is a wish that as a family we have adopted . This year is the year to clear the mortgage.  So there is no excess spending. Groceries, clothing (necessary stuff – not a pair of shoes/dress/shirt that would look divine) and bills (obviously) are allowed. All other “non essential items”, and yes there is still some debate on what is classes as “non essential”, are out.  Honestly while I have been in the shops a few times the Christmas sales haven’t tempted me in the slightest.  I don’t need fabric or sewing supplies and there is enough wool and fleece here to keep an army warm.  I have to admit it’s fun just seeing what I can make from what I have here.  There is one essential item that will be built this year and that is my coolroom. A proper refridgerated room that will take the place of the two refridgerators we have and be big enough to store everything. It is going to fit into the pantry (with some adjusting of surrounding walls) and will require the services of a builder and plasterer – which of course like to be paid. The refrideration mechanic and the electrican are all sorted (one is a friend the other my husband…vbg) and I have promised to feed them well if they work hard…roflmol.  We bought the cool room a few months ago and now it just has to be put back together and made to work.  I can’t wait.

7.  One of my dearest wishes this year is to keep up with friends more.  Emails, letters, the occasional phone call and hopefully visits. 

8.  I would like to get back into a regular pattern of blogging.  I have blogged for five years and had just over a 1000 posts and there were times last year when I thought I should give it up.  The “why bother” question kept being asked.  I do enjoy blogging though. I enjoy the friendships I have made from blogging. I enjoy the ideas and inspiration I get from other’s blogs and lets face it – I just love to talk….wicked grin.   Instead of composing a post in my head but not actually blogging it, this year I need to blog it even if it is short and sweet. I’m not going to commit myself to a post a day but weekly or slightly more often, would be nice.    

I didn’t think I would even get eight wishes when I started this post – but apparently there is a lot floating around in my sub conscious that I am hoping for but didn’t want to verbalise. Well now I have and no doubt I will think of more wishes in the next few weeks but I won’t bore you with them. Suffice it to say – brace yourself.   2011 is going to be a fantastic year.


4 thoughts on “No New Years Resolutions

  1. Love them!!! very similar to some of mine. Think the message is to LIVE this year and if that means by slowing down then thats what we have to do! Very jealous of your cool room – how cool is that!!! LOL!!!

  2. yes keep blogging…..I am trying to celebrate with a giveaway being over the 1000 but is is going down like a wet squib….need to reactivate it.
    And I can agree with most of the others except the only exercise I can do it to walk in water and you need a friend to do that with…there is a possibility.
    No mortgage but a credit card that needs a good kick.
    Garden is growing some vegies and trees have fruit so am thankful for my handyman.
    and yes life tends to need to be allowed to happen with thankfulness and due diligence to the things that must be done to keep it on track.
    I am slack with friends…I think I subconsciously expect them to read my blog…LOL. Not good.
    I do envy you that cool room. Wonderful idea. Have a great year and throw a bit of your lovely crazy quilting in there.

  3. Love this post Catherine as it has many ideas in it that I’d like to do for the upcoming year as well.

    I’ll be interested to see your cool room because I didn’t know you could do that type of thing in a home. So lots of pictures please and thank you 🙂

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