T’was The Night Before Christmas………

….well actually lunch time but what’s a few hours?

 Ashley and I have done the final job for the year and won’t be going back to work for a couple of weeks.  A much needed break with nothing major planned is the idea.

Elise, Nicola and James have well and truly got Christmas organised.  Cheesecake is made, salads are oganised for lunch, the roast lamb is defrosting (for tea) and the wine, beer and soft drink is cooling in the fridge.

The house is clean – well as clean as it’s going to get.

Presents are wrapped or hidden in the shed….vbg….and the chocolate has been found.

From My Family to You and Yours


Merry Christmas


Whatever your beliefs.  What ever your situation. 

 I hope Christmas is a time of wonder and joy and peace.


Roll on 2011 with all it’s joys and challenges.


Catherine, Ashley, Elise, Nicola and James

3 thoughts on “T’was The Night Before Christmas………

  1. Put in an 18 hour day yesterday glad it’s over and thankful for all my company. Sorry to have missed the day of to wish Merry Christmas but once again let me get a head start and wish you and the family a Happy New Year!!

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