Handmade Christmas Update No. 1

A quick update on how the Handmade Christmas for 2011 is progressing.

I’m hoping to do a monthly update (more often if I find heaps of ideas)  on what we have achieved during the year depending on how time, life and all other inscruitable things work out so bear with me if at times the subject seems to have disappeared.

I’m pleased to say that Elise is well and truly organised.  While she hasn’t acutally purchased or found any of the materials that she needs she has made a list of what she is making and who is to receive it.   Plans have been searched for and found on the internet and I will confess to being totally in awe of my eldest daughters organisational abilities when it comes to present making/shopping/wrapping.

Meanwhile the rest of us are lagging far behind but I have had lots of ideas brewing in my  poor befuddled brain which will hopefully, in just over a year, morph themselves into handmade Christmas presents.

I am hoping to also post any ideas I find for Christmas presents under the Handmade Christmas Heading so you may want to pop over occassionally to see what I have found. If anyone has found any great ideas out there or thinks of something amazing please feel free to leave a comment on these posts with a link so others can take advantage of your magnificant detective/brain work.

Of course it goes without saying that if you have decided to join us in the challenge and are making gifts, please feel free to put a link to your blog on these posts so we can all encourage each other. I have no problems if you want to name your posts “Handmade Christmas” so others can find them easily but of course that is absolutely up to you.

I will confess to talking freely about what the family are doing next year while Ashley and I have been out and about on jobs.  Christmas presents and the price of them seems to be foremost in everyones minds and a hot topic of conversation – I wonder why – wickedly grinning .  In general the response has been quite enthusastic…..although there aren’t too many who are prepared to make presents but they do see the point of not falling into the commercial trap of consumerism which seems to be rife.  Does that worry me?  No after all gift giving is a purely personal thing and I’m not there to preach to the world (someone throw a brick at me if I start doing anything even remotely like that) but I am more than happy to tell others, if asked, what we are doing. 

I know it still seems very daunting to make ALL of the presents  just as I know there are family members and friends who simply do not appreciate handmade presents.  Do what seems right for you and your situation – although (having some of those family members myself) the thought that a handmade gift is the easy way out (and I have been told that) absolutely defies logic.  If I wanted an easy gift I would buy something.  The main idea of this challenge – for my family – is to try not only something different but also to  try new techniques and skills.  To use our imaginations to come up with innovative and desirable presents for those we love.  

Off my soap box now.



2 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Update No. 1

  1. Actually my quilts for the most part went over better than I thought they would. The most appreciation coming from outside the family of course.

    I still have two to finish off and then can start all over again. I need to get a wedding quilt made as well seeing as how my future daughter-in-law likes handmade 🙂

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