Happiness Is…………

…………………………….wonderful friends like Lise who,  out of the blue, sent me a gorgeous Christmas present. 

A special gift from a friend

 Totally unexpected and talk about make my day!!!

I have seen the flower pins but never bought any and now I’m itching to try them out.  The scissors are just the right size to pop into my sewing bag, the photo is going on the fridge and I’m fighting the kids for the chocolate. ….vbg. 

It’s mine – all mine…..roflmol.

Thank you dear friend for your thoughtfulness and just being there. 

From one “Axe Murderer” to another –  MERRY CHRISTMAS.


4 thoughts on “Happiness Is…………

  1. Wonderful Catherine so nice to get a surprise in the mail. I have to admit that I’ve gotten nothing done this year (well aside from making 5 quilts and one quilt top) in the way of baking or care packages for anyone. I even started earlier than I normally do, alas.

    I loved your post on hand-made and this coming year I’m resolved to start in January and work through the year so that I can have a completely hand-crafted Christmas. My temptation will to be to give away the gifts before Christmas. Anyhow maybe then at Christmas I’ll be able to work on baking and goody packages.

    Daughter had her baby – little girl – this morning about 2 1/2 hours ago. That’s two for me now 🙂

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