Water and Markets

Elise, James and I were up early this morning to head off to Murrabit Market which is a local country market about 45 minutes drive (each way) from home. A good chance for Elise to get more hours up on her licence and the market is always good for a bargain. Murrabit market is held once a month but at Easter and Christmas they have an extra market.  It wasn’t as good as we thought it might be (Easter Market is the better one), attendance was down both in visitors and stalls but I did manage to find a pair of pants for myself and Elise and James treated themselves to a kilo of cherries not to mention the hot chips, cold drinks and cuppa that is a requirement of a market visit….vbg.

Crossing the bridge near Murrabit

We cross over this small bridge on the way to the market and I can’t remember ever seeing the water this high. There is talk of the river rising another half a metre thanks to all the rains we have had in which case this will probably be underwater.

Pastures drying off despite all the rain.

Less than ten minutes drive from the bridge though the paddocks are drying off and looking fairly ordinary. You would think with all the rain we have had that it would be lush and green.

The Pump Shed at Speewa Island

Early last week (in the opposite direction to Murrabit from home) we had to help a friend with the pump shed on Speewa Island. Despite sandbagging around the pump water was still getting in and Ashley had to help get the smaller pump going to attempt dry out the shed and stop the main pump from being completely submerged.   I stood well back, took photos and attempted to not be carried away by the millions of mosquitos that were around.  They were so bad they were biting though the insect spray I had sprayed on liberally much to my disgust.

Since that day there have been more and more sandbags put around the shed and Ashley had to help A. lift the big pump up higher so it wsn’t completely drowned. Shall we just say that filling sandbags and heaving them into place is the best way to exhaust Ashley as he came home completely knackered!!!  Goodness knows how A. got on as he has sandbagged repeatedly all week.

Speewa Island

Looking upstream from the Speewa Ferry.  It’s flowing fast at this point despite looking like a mill pond.

Again I can’t remember ever seeing the river this high and there is still more water to come.  There was a report in the local paper that the cray fish are climbing the river banks in order to breathe as the river is too high and low in oxygen due to the amount of leaves etc in it.

Are we likely to be flooded?  Honestly I don’t know.  Home owners along the river are certainly looking carefully at river heights and the levee banks should hold but who knows if there is more rain.  We we live we are fine.  Not only are we quite a distance from the river but the ground level rises naturally plus our house is higher than the surrounding ground so we will be fine.  For those who have been affected by these floods my thoughts are with you.  Despite sandbagging water still gets in and to see your home and properties destroyed or severly affected by water must be heart breaking.

Perhaps next year the seasons will settle down. After so many years of drought to have this much water is a shock to say the least.  Events, situations etc happen for a reason and in time I guess we will realise why and for what reason but when you are looking at water lapping at the edges of your home you have to wonder why.


One thought on “Water and Markets

  1. Wow, lots and lots of water but it looks good but sorry for those who are affected by too much water. I wonder how high the water used to get up to (decades past before drought).

    Love the picture within a picture of you in the mirror of the car.

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