This Is On My Mind….


Socks on Two Circular Needles

With all the travelling I have been doing with Ashley as we go from one job to another it has been perfect time to keep working on my socks.  It really is quite amazing just how much you can get done just one row at a time.  Bit like life I guess – one step at a time gets you to where you want to go.

Ohh and no you aren’t seeing things. I’m trying knitting socks on two circular needles for the first time and thought itwould be easier if I had two different balls of wool.  😉  By the way it is easy if anyone wants to try it.

Many thanks to Rhonda at Down to Earth for the inspiration of these posts.


6 thoughts on “This Is On My Mind….

  1. So pretty, one of these days lol, in the new year for sure I’ll knit me some socks. I’m half insane from quiiting at the moment but have discovered it’s amazing what can be accomplished in a day if one is determined.

    By the way I take all my handiwork to my doctor visits, dentist, chiro etc. It is amazing what you can get done while you’re waiting for your appointment and the added bonus for me is that I’m not stewing while I’ll waiting for my turn.

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