This is on my mind……..

Rain on Monday.

Rain on Monday - from the work truck

Heavy rain that lasted all of 10 minutes but was so bad you couldn’t see more than half a block.

Rain on Monday

Now we have sunshine and pleasant tempretures.  I’m wondering how long that will last.

Photos taken from the work truck – luckily we had finished one job and were driving to the next so we didn’t get wet.


8 thoughts on “This is on my mind……..

  1. Wow – I’m glad I didn’t have to be out in rain like that – it was bad enough looking at it from inside the house!

    Hope you dry out sooon

    Margo (found your blog via rhonda’s and thanks for commenting on mine too)

  2. Yes, it’s crazy. We’ve had a very wet spring too. Mind you, I prefer the rain to the dry, except if there are floods. Great photos too, it’s hard to catch rain in a photo.

  3. we’re having a virtual heat wave here…up to the 40s (F) today after being in the 20s a couple of days. as for your torrential rains, we’re experiencing more and more of those. “global weirding” indeed! thanks for sharing a moment in your world.

  4. After seeing the drought you’ve had the last couple of years I just can’t bring myself to say anything bad about the rain except I hope you aren’t experiencing flooding.

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