This Is On My Mind……

Rhonda at Down to Earth is encouraging us to post a Friday Photo Feature of what is on our mind on Friday each week.  A previously unpublished photo with simple caption that all can see that will show what we are thinking of on Fridays. 

Got to admit I love the idea and it might be just the thing to get my blogging mojo back which has been sadly lacking of late.

So here is today’s “This is on my mind….. post”

This is on my mind......Spinning


I am determined to get all the fleece I have spun before I buy/accept any more.  Instead of buying more yarn I will use what I have spun – a far more rewarding and sustainable occupation that buying commerically prepared yarn.  Not to mention the mediation/relaxation benefits I get from spinning…vbg.  I only wish I could be sitting outside spinning. In stead it’s hot and muggy, more rain is forecast and there are enough locasts and mosquitos to carry you away.

PS  I don’t think I have published this photo before – I hope I haven’t anyway.



6 thoughts on “This Is On My Mind……

  1. We have the same weather here on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Watching fleece being spun has always fascinated me but the only time I tried it the finished yarn had all these little bumps in it. The woman laughed and said it takes practice but at least I didn’t break the thread I’d spun whilst doing it.

  2. How fantastic!
    I am so inspired.
    We’ve been talking about getting a couple of sheep and alpacas to feed my yarn addiction but first I think I need to learn how to spin.
    Have a happy weekend.

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