A Productive Morning

I feel at last I am back into some sort of routine.

It’s been chaotic around here.  Both girls were sick last week with the latest tummy bug that is doing the rounds then Ashley came down with the flue on Thursday and spent two days at home feeling pretty miserable. He must have been sick as normal he just soldiers on at  work regardless.  Thank heavens James and I managed to avoid the nasties and we worked as a well oiled team keeping the house etc running. Secretly (and don’t tell the rest of the family) we made sure we told each other each day  how wonderful we were under trying circumstances….vbg.

This week I thought it would be back to normal at the beginning of the week but I had forgotton Elise had the first of her exams on Wednesday which meant she had Tuesday off to study as it was a Year 12 VET subject exam.  Have to tell you that school is WAY different to when I went.  If it’s a Year 12 exam that the Year 11’s are sitting they get the day before off to study.  Which of course has now put lots of pressure on her as it was another two days away from school (added to the five of last week) and there are last minutes tests (SACS) and projects to be completed.  She is coping but  I will be glad when it’s all over and she can rest over the holidays.

So today, with all the children at school and Ashley up at Goodnight (about a 50 min drive from home) fixing something that has blown up (very impressively he said too) I took the opportunity to put on a Christmas pudding.  I tried a couple of weeks ago to make a pudding in a cloth with only moderate success.  While it tasted ok – it’s looks were something to be desired…..sigh.  Milly enjoyed it though as she snatched the last piece that was sitting on a plate that I had neglected to put away and wolfed it down before she got caught. She wasn’t quite quick enough to lick up the pieces of fruit that she droppped and I got a very guilty/very pleased with herself doggy look.

Christmas Pudding

This time the pudding is being cooked in a basin – I finally found one the right size in the cheap shop for only $5 and I must buy some more as they would be an excellent stand in for a double saucepan, not to mention being extremly well made.

Then – just because the lemons were calling me and Ashley had been dropping huge hints that he wanted more lemon butter I made up a few jars.

Lemon Butter and Lemon Icecream.

I couldn’t find the recipe I used last time so I have tried Rhonda’s from Down-to-Earth blog fame. It’s fabulous and definately a keeper in the recipe file.  Then – because I had all ready filled three jars and still had lemon butter left over I decided to try Rhonda’s Lemon Butter Icecream.  You will have to scroll down to the bottom of the post to see it but basically it’s a cup of lemon butter gently mixed into 300ml of cream that is whipped to soft peaks.  Put in a container and freeze for 24 hours – although how I’m going to wait that long I don’t know  😉   because licking the bowl was a taste sensation all on it’s own.

This afternoon is definatelygoing to be ” sit in chair and knit time”. It’s a toss up what I work on – the summer top that has just a couple more rows of the hemline pattern to finish then it’s on to simple stocking stitch.  Or the Elizabeth Zimmermann “Pi” shawl that I decided (in a moment of madness) to knit in crochet cotton but I have to admit I’m loving it and it’s not as difficult as I thought – quite relaxing even though the crochet cotton is only as thick as sewing thread.


3 thoughts on “A Productive Morning

  1. Loved your post today, lol all that home made goodness from the kitchen. Thanks for the links to the blog/recipes looks very interesting. Closest I’ve come to lemon butter is making lemon meringue pie, I’ll have to give the lemon butter a try as the lemon pie is my hubby’s favorite.

    Can’t wait to see the shawl when it’s done but I have a feeling it might take a bit of knitting or at least that’s the impression I got from looking at it in the book.

  2. I am hoping to return to a little routine soon but it won’t be happening today!!! I love lemon butter but lemon butter ice cream – oh my goodness, that sounds SO good!!!! Wish I lived closer or has it all gone???

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