Domestic Duties

I think at last I have come full circle and am comfortable in my own home.  That sounds strange I know and when I mentioned it to a friend the other day she gave me “the look” ……….clearly wondering just what planet I was on.  For so many years I regarded housework as drudgery.  It was the same jobs over and over and over again with no end in sight.  It would frustrate me enormously that I would spend hours cleaning the house only to have the family arrive home and have it look like a bomb hit it in 30 seconds or less. I wondered where “Catherine” had gone and when I became just a wife and mother. 

I’m not totally sure what has actually changed and while I will never love housework – lets face it gardening or crafting is sooooo much more exciting than hanging out washing – I no longer resent it as I once did.  No longer do I feel the need to flee my house to go shopping (even if I didn’t buy anything) just to get away and to see  and hear other people. Now I find myself craving time alone.  I feel stupidly happy just doing simple things like washing the dishes or baking a cake.  Cleaning the loo is not ever going to be on that list I have to say ;- ) but at least I can now do it with something resembling a smile on my face.

I’m back on planet Earth and loving it.

So imagine how satisfying it was to have a weekend spent pottering around at domestic duties. Saturday was spent knitting (in between loads of washing)- the weather was foul even if the rain was a blessing. Dish/face clothes have been a bit of an obsession of late and I finished the last of three Saturday afternoon. I have discovered something. I love crocheted dishcloths for the kitchen. They are robust and scrub crockery and benches beautifully but I simply must have knitted faceclothes for the bathroom.  Soft and gentle on my skin, stunning colours and they feel like real decadence in the shower. I found the most beautiful list of free patterns at Knit1,Purl 1. Well worth a look if you are after something different and just straight out stunning.  Dish and Wash Cloth Mania is another fantastic site for lacey cloth patterns.  I will confess to being seriously tempted by the Lacey Dragon Large Scale Washcloth  It’s both charted and written instructions – soooooo tempting. I think it will be on my “to do” list.

Knitted Washcloths

Pcitured from left to right are:  Double Fleck Dishcloth, Lacey Squares Cloth and Flickering Flames Ensemble. Click on the name of each cloth and it will take you to the pattern. They are all easy – trust me – I don’t do “hard” dishcloths – they just look a bit complicated.

New Summer Top

SundayI started knitting my new summer top in cotton from the Bendigo Woolen Mills.  I saw this pattern in their latest catalogue and couldn’t resist. It only takes two balls of 4 ply cotton and apart from the patterning at the hemline is basic stocking stitch. It might take me a while though – 4 ply yarn will take some knitting.  Me being me decided to knit up to the armholes on a circular needle. Who knows why – it just made sense.  I also baked two more fruit cakes for Christmas presents and had Elise home sick with the tummy wog that is going around – again.

Fruit Cake

Today I have washed and baked another two fruit cakes – these two are for us to enjoy at Christmas.  All the other cakes (7 in all) are for presents.  The kitchen smells amazing and there is even a Christmas Plum Pudding cooking gently on the stove.

Plum Pudding

 I have put in some more tomatoe plants.  After the lovely rain we had over the weekend it the ground is just busting with moisture so some mulch was put down around new seedlings that have just come through – clumping red onions, lettuce, cabbage and a chinese greens which I have forgotton  the name of but it is supposed to grow all year round.  The new book I ordered “Elizabeth Simmermann’s Knitters Almanac” arrived this morning and I am having sneaky reads as I do other jobs.  Both Elise and Nicola are home sick and Elise said one of her friends had it over the weekend and it put her in bed for four days.  Lovely. I hope it doesn’t last that long in our household.

Melbourne Cup Day tomorrow and I’m of to Cohuna for Spinners and Weavers – what fun.  Ashley is home “entertaining” the children as they have a day off school for cup day.  Who knows what they will all get up to. It won’t worry me – I’ll be an hour away…..wicked grin.


6 thoughts on “Domestic Duties

  1. It all looks so wonderful Catherine. Love the links for the dishcloths thank you and by the way you could always just keep knitting and extend them and then have some really nice scarves for winter.

    I’d forgotten about the fruitcakes and it being that time of year again. We really enjoyed the ones last year even if our waistlines didn’t. I loved making my own especially without the citrus peel, which I hate.

    The sweater looks like a classic and a good pick with some nice detail at the bottom but then straight stockette to make it go quickly (well as quick as you can go with that fine a yarn). I also have Zimmerman’s almanac I knit up the baby jacket for February and it turned out nice but word of warning go to Ravelry before you knit to get hints as her instructions can be confusing. There is a Zimmerman forum there.

  2. Thank you for your kind words about Dish and Wash Cloth Mania. I am glad you like it and find it useful.
    I am glad you are comfortable in your own home. That is a wonderful accomplishment.

  3. It’s good to see you’ve gone from thinking of housework as drudgery to not resenting it. That’s a big step. You’re such a talented knitter. Can you tell me where you bought the needle tips? I’ve never seen them before and I’d love to get a pair or two.

  4. I enjoyed your post, Catherine 🙂 … I am also finding myself “comfortable in my own home” and learning to enjoy the daily duties of keeping a home after years of running from them 😉 .
    Lovely knitting. I’m a beginner, and have only made the simplest of dish cloths thus far.

    Blessings from Texas,

    Catherine 🙂

  5. Your post’s sentiments ‘resonate’ with my recent changes in attitudes Catherine. In my case I’m finishing my ‘working outside the home life’ and when I made the decision to retire I found myself looking at my home with such feelings of fondness, it was overwhelming! Your cooking and knitting are inspirational!

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