Hairpin Lace

Hairpin lace probably isn’t as well known as other kinds of crochet but it is crochet and it is fun….despite it looking complicated….which as I discovered at a recent lesson at Spinners and Weavers a few weeks ago, it is really quite simple.

You can find loads of information on the net but for those who want the easy way out are very time limited …… check out this article  or for those who want a tutorial have a look here.

You can find a lot of free patterns for this technique here.

The basic ingredients are a hairpin lace tool (such as those in the photo below) a crochet hook and some yarn.  Simple.  One of the ladies in spinners and weavers said her husband made her a hairpin lace tool out of fencing wire when she couldn’t find one the size and length she wanted. You will note that one in the photo has a decidedly curved bottom – it was one Pa made for Grandma out of an old steel knitting needle.  Recycling at it’s best.

Hairpin lace tools

Mum has a wedding to go to next March and lashed out and bought a new dress the other day. It’s stunning and suits her prefectly but she wants something to drap over her shoulders in case the weather is a bit cool. It’s an outdoor formal wedding at a lake in Bendigo with an indoor reception and who knows what the weather will be doing by March.  Inspiration struck when she showed me the dress and I remembered the hairpin lace shawl I had been itching to make but had no real excuse to get carried away.

Now I have an excuse. 

For once in my life I spent a bit of time trialling the pattern with four ply cotton just to make sure I could actually do it – and the verdict was I can and it will be fun. 

Sample of Hairpin Lace

Now to wait for the cotton to arrive so I can begin.

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