Boys and their Toys

It’s ok if we loose power now.

Complete concentration

Ashley and James fiddled around with the Tilley lamp on Sunday that Ashley had bought and got it working.

A work in progress

Never mind that it smells to high heaven as they used Citronella oil (no turpentine being available at the minute they decided to play) and that a new glass to surround the flame is needed – the original glass was broken during transit.


There were plenty of flames and lots of smoke – in the beginning but it was eventually fine tuned (with the fine tuning knob would you believe) and we had light and no smoke……………… aannnnndd no mossies thanks to the citronella oil.

Tilley lamp

It was a bright light though.

Tilley Lamp - working

I think Ashley was joking when he said he would pull the electric lights down and replace them with hooks to hang the lamp/s from.  (He is watching others on ebay so it looks like we may be collecting them.)

Well I hope he was joking about removing the electric lights.

I’m not calling it a mid life crisis.  It’s not even an economic crisis.  But it is something – especially when we have a perfectly good electric connection to the power grid and a perfectly good generator that when set up with power not onlyeverything in our house but Mum’s as well.

Maybe I shouldn’t think too much about the whole thing but instead look forward towhen he says let’s have a “power free” night. No TV, no computers, no x-box etc.  Hah – not sure who will cave in first and turn the electric lights or the Tv back on – Ashley or the kids. 

Me?? I’ll be busy knitting – I know I can do that by candle/lamp light.

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