“It’s a Lovely Day Today….


So whatever you’ve got to do
You’ve got a lovely day to do it in, that’s true”

Irving Berlin 

I’m having a truly lovely day just as Mr Berlin’s song says.

I have done the shopping – ok so not so exciting – but I did a huge shop which will hopefully keep us going for a couple of weeks (fingers crossed).

I have come home to finish off my Crocheted Cushion front and have started working on the back which will be crocheted in the same pattern but just in cream wool.  The wool is the left over plant dyed wool from Mum’s afghan – would you believe I still have enough left over to begin a granny square cushion cover?

Crochet Cushion Cover

Yesterday it was finally calm enough after tea to spend a couple of hours spraying weeds.  I hate using poison but it has become a necessary evil unfortuantely.

Granny's bonnets and wall flowers

I would be the first to admit that the garden – more often than not – totally overwhelms me.  


There are times when I think longingly of a bull dozer to reduce the whole lot to lawn but then I see the flowers, the lawns freshly mown and ……

Bearded Iris

 …the new and very dog proof fence and I’m grateful – incredibly greatful – for the gift of my garden.

The new fence - dog proof at last

The fence surrounds the entire garden and is Ajax and Milly proof so at least I can leave them outside and not worry if they will get out and where they will wander too.

The weekend stretches before me. No work, perhaps some gardening if the weather cools down – it’s 31 degrees here and a hot wind is blowing and maybe even some knitting.

james has swimming tonight so that means a whole hour of listening to my ipod and either knitting or crocheting (haven’t quite decided which yet) in peace and quiet while he swims.  Bliss.

I hope your day and  weekend is as good as mine. 

4 thoughts on ““It’s a Lovely Day Today….

  1. So glad you are having a nice day and looking forward to the weekend!!! I get like that with our garden too, can’t stand the sight of it but a few days of sunshine, a freshly mown lawn and flowers and all is forgiven!!

  2. LOL, I am like that with my garden too – I guess good things are worth the effort.

    Loving the natural dyed wool for the cushion – beautiful work too!

  3. Your cushion cover looks wonderful – as does the matching “granny rug”! Fabulous colours!!!
    I have some Poke Root which is great for dyeing, too. I got it from my SIL at The Witches Garden at Mitta Mitta. ( http://www.thewitchesgarden.com/ ). Native Americans used it as an emetic, but it dyes either a lovely sagey green or a rosey pink depending on mordant (copper sulphate or alum) – using the berries. I have got some growing if you want to make a trip to Newstead one day (pity you didnt post this a week earlier – we went to Lake Boga last Sat for the dinner!).
    Your garden looks wonderful, too.
    Hugs, xxxx

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