Homemade Deoderant

Ok so picture this. 

It’s hot !!! It’s creeping up towards 27 degrees.

I’m working with Ashley wiring a house which means that apart from open windows and doors there is no air conditioning.

The hot flushes have started………again!!!

Someone once told me that horses sweat, Men perspire and Women glo.   Sorry I sweat – especially at the moment – and if that’s a little too much information for you I humbly beg your forgiveness.

All this leads me to tell you about my homemade deoderant.

Homemade deoderant

Trolling around the world wide web I found several links to this recipe for home made deoderant.

All of them gave rave reviews and I decided to try it.  It is so easy and so quick to make – total time spent – five minutes.  In fact I spent longer trying to work out what essential oil I wanted to use in mine – I picked lemon in the end as that was what I had.  Mum wanted to try some too – so I halved the basic batch and scented hers with water soluble lavender as I didn’t have any lavender essential oil.  It worked the same as mine and smells divine.

Both of us have been using this for a over a week and love it.  Today it has had to really stand all the “smelly” tests with me while I’m at work and can I just say it has passed with flying colours. 

Best of all it contains no aluminium, is easy to make and is easy to apply.  It turns into a soft paste which is easy to swipe up what you need on your fingers and rub it in.  I even tried it after shaving (you know how sometimes the commercial deoderants can really sting and irritate ) no problems with this. Add in the fact it only costs a few cents for each batch and you’re laughing.

Probably the dearest part of the whole exercise is the Coconut oil which I have only been able to buy online (you can get it here at Heirloom Bodycare –  no affils and all that but fabulous service) but as you only use 5 – 6 tablespoons full its not an expensive item at all plus if you are into making soap you will probably already have it on hand.  By the way if you are at Heirloom Bodycare – check out their Lipstick Kits.  Mum and I bought one to try as they sounded super good and you can mix your own colours to suit what you want. We haven’t had a go yet (work keeps getting in the way) but we will soon. I will let you know how we get on.

Right now you probably know way more about me than you cared to I shall go back to work as the phone is ringing and he needs me.



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