Another Finish

I was on a roll at the end of last week. 

With no more than four rows to go on my vest I got stuck in.

Sorry – rotton photo – it’s the model  :- (



It’s amazing how one finish leads to another.

This really is an easy pattern. Quick to knit and the collar (knitted after the shoulder seams are joined) isn’t at all difficult – simply 3 x 3 rib.  The hardest bit is picking up all the stitches for the collar.

For those who want details:

Bendigo Woollen Mills Pattern No 8227

Luxury Pure Wool 8 ply in “Bracken”

Little hint though – don’t try it on until after you have blocked the finished sweater.  I did and it looked awful but blocking is amazing and it looks so much nicer now….vbg.


Right off to work with Ashley.  He tells me I am standing on the scissor lift at the top of a very tall fruit packing shed – cleaning out gutters.      

 Not Bloody Likely!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Another Finish

  1. OMG!!!! Is this what my vest is going to look like???? I love it! and am just a little green with envy that yours is ‘wearable’ ! I better get going or we won’t be able to be twins! (just a little worried – what did you mean by picking up stitches for the collar??? that sounds scary, I obviously haven’t read enough of the pattern!)

  2. Very nice and no surprise that it’s green vbg. Had to laugh at standing on the forklift to clean out gutters, doesn’t sound like a safety approved method to me. I’m assuming he was teasing?

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