Finished – Finally

At last I’m finished the crocheted blanket/knee rug/afghan that I have been making for Mum.

At first it was a Birthday present – but I didn’t get it finished in time for her birthday at the end of June this year.

Then it was destined to be next years Birthday present when she will turn the sprightly age of 70 – but plans have changed and “expensive” earrings are the order of the day.  Mum’s secret wish (made known while perusing a jewelery catalogue and dropped as a not so subtle hint) was that she would love to have a pair of “expensive” earrings as it was the one thing she would not buy for herself.   Ok I can take a hint.

That left Christmas and as I was more than half way through (after working on it for months – I kept getting sidetracked by other projects) and it is mid October I figured I had better get the crochet hook into gear and myself organised. So the past couple of weeks have been spent crocheting at night as it was the only time I was sure she wouldn’t pop in and spoil the surprise.

Today it is bucketing down rain, the fire was lit, I was kept lubricated by lots of cups of tea and Mum was away so there was no excuse for not finishing it.  And finish it I did!!!!!

Mum's Crochet Afghan


It is crocheted in 8 ply Bendigo Woolen Mills Rustic wool (colour Aran) using a 4.5mm crochet hook (for those who like the details).

You can find the pattern here however looking at the pattern and what I have done I think I made have made a few “design modifications” along the way. 

The coloured wools are dyed with plant dyes such as brown onions skins, red roses (they give green dye) beareded iris leaves, sour sobs, eucylupt leaves and many more which I have forgotton with a range of mordants such as Alum, Copper Sulphate and Iron Sulphate.

I am so pleased with myself on three counts.

1.   The fact I have finished it and well before the Christmas deadline.

2.  I have never tried this pattern before and once I got used to it it was pretty darn easy and fairly quick to do.  Yes there are mistakes in it but I can live with that and I’m sure Mum will too.

3.  I used plant dyed wools that I dyed myself to give what I think is a fairly modern take on an old favorite.



4 thoughts on “Finished – Finally

  1. How beautiful Catherine it’s just gorgeous and to think that you dyed the yarn yourself, marvelous. Your mom will be so happy to get it and it’ll keep her nice and comfy as well. I love the pattern you used, I hadn’t seen that one before. Good job, so nice to get the projects done before Christmas isn’t it? Mind you one project done just breeds another in the workings.

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