Brace Yourself

 I have actually done some sewing. 

Real sewing…………. on a sewing machine no less.

I know – it was a shock to me too – but with the sewing room in a sort of tidy state there was no denying that there was stuff to be done.

I have resisted the siren song of the spinning wheel. 

I did get more natural dyeing done though – Cassia and Carrot leaves today. Lovely gold, brown and green tones

The garden has had minimal attention – despite the lovely weather. My hayfever may have something to do with that.  I did mange to get the seeds watered that I put in yesterday – butter beans, rocket and spring onions.

My nanna nap this afternoon was short lived due to a phone call from Ashley telling me he would be home soon.  Not that he was far away – he just thought he should let me know??? 

Washing was tackled, a book was read and then there were no more excuses.

Sewing had to be done.

Elise's embroidery

Ok so it was only to sew the bindings on these wall hangings that Elise had embroidered months/years/eons ago but as she did find them when cleaning her room a while ago and as they had been placed in a prominent place in my sewing room – only to have  junk treasures placed on them and as they were only unearthed from such treasures the other day (big breath) I thought I should get on and get them done.

So now they are done.  Just the hand sewing to do. 

Goodness knows when that will be tackled.


5 thoughts on “Brace Yourself

  1. Sewing, sewing…. uh, oh yes, I remember!

    Actually, I have some sewing that needs to be done, really there is no excuse, the procrastination must stop!

    Lovely hangings, I am glad they are finished now.

  2. That seems to be all I’ve been doing lately is sewing. Probably doesn’t have anything to do with the 400 yards of fabric I have sitting around the house that’s making me feel all sorts of guilty?

    We won’t talk about the yarn!

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