After our walk yesterday we decided that since Elise already had her car out we should go for a drive so she can get more driving practice.  It is now law in Australia that Learner Drivers must have a minimum of 120 hours supervised driving practice before they are allowed to be tested for their probationary licence – which means they can then drive on their own.  120 hours doesn’t sound much – in fact if you do an hour a week for two years you will get the 120 pretty easily.  However it never quite works like that. Homework, illness, lack of time means that quite often we can go for weeks without Elise driving anywhere.  Add in the fact that she has to have a minimum of 10 hours driving at night (we have a whole 30 minutes logged) and it does become a bit of a chore.  In  desperation she worked out how many weeks it was until her 18th birthday in March and how many hours per week she would have to do to achieve the full quota of hours and it worked out to close on 4 hours per week.  Now I don’t know about you but I must admit I would be lucky to drive for four hours per week on a regular week. I might get it when I go to Cohuna which is an hour from here  – but that’s about it. Something tells me she will not be lining up to get her P Plates in March!!!!

We decided to take a drive out to Pental Island which isn’t all that far from home to see if the waters in the rivers had risen and if there was any flooding.

Floodway - Pental Island

The floodway on the island was well and truly under water but it hadn’t crossed the road although it was getting close.

Floodway - Pental Island

We are sitting in the car on the bitumen and the water was only about half a metre away from us. Mum remembers the floodway being this full but she said it was years ago. I don’t remember it but I do remember as a child my Grandfather going out to fill sand bags to save peoples home on the island. Pa had a farm (where Mum grew up) right near the bridge at the other end of the island and was well used to floods and the damage they could cause.

Fish Point Bridge

Of course we had to drive through the island to see how high the water was under the bridge – the same bridge I crossed countless times to visit Grandma and Pa as their farm was just around the corner.  Drive from the left to the right hand side of the photo, go around a big sweeping bend and the drive was the first on the right……the kettle would always be on and scones were often in the oven or there would be cake in the tin.

Lake Boga

We drove back past Lake Boga which is now pleasingly full of water.

Lake Boga

This is what Lake Boga looked like in 2004. A dry and barren wasteland.

Walking on the Lake

It’s nice to see it full of water again.

Finally we arrived home after over an hours driving to a well deserved cuppa and a chance to put my feet up for a while.  It was a pretty full on day in the end, shopping in the morning, a walk and a drive in the afternoon.  No wonder I was tired.


4 thoughts on “Driving

  1. Isn’t it tricky to get all those hours? Ayden’s been having professional lessons as I can hardly fit them in between his commitments and mine. I think we are going to have to start getting up early and do some before school and work but we have over a year to go – luckily!

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