Shock. horror. For two days in a row we have been for a walk. I did suggest to the kids that perhaps we could walk as soon as we got home from the shopping this morning but they all prefered this afternoon instead. Work that one out. This time I remembered the camera.

There was a tree with very exposed tree roots.  Once they would have been covered by sand/dirt but the wind has done it’s job and swept them clean.

Interesting Tree Roots

Children walking in the distance because once again Mum had stopped to take photos.

Mum falling behind to take photos

Children and dogs waiting not so patiently for Mum to catch up. Check all out the stunning Gazania’s in flower along the road side. They are nearly a weed but so darn pretty and as tough as old boots.

Waiting - not very patiently.

A Cassia in fully bloom. Native, tough and gorgeous. Must remember to get a plant and put it in the garden.


Walking back to the car – we drive to where we walk that way we miss any major and busy roads – much safer for all of us.

Looking towards the Water Tower

Just below the “o” in the word “Housing” is the water tower that this new housing estate is named after. It’s a vertible rabbit warren of roads and houses.  As always the mighty dollar rules and those in charge decided to pack as many houses in as small an area as possible to make the most money.  Heaven help you if there are two cars parked either side of the road exactly opposite each other as the chances of driving between them is incredibly slim.  The standard joke is if you want to see what your neighbour is doing look out your bedroom window cause chances are the neighbour will be in his/her bathroom and you will be able to see everything.  Makes me really glad we are on two acres with room to breath.   As rural as all this looks it is literally a ten minute walk (as the crow flies) to our house from where I took the above photo. 

This has to be the saddest sight we have seen on our walks though…..

An Abandonded Teddy

….an abandonded Teddy.  Someone tucked the poor little guy in the fence no doubt hoping his owner might find him.  Some how I think he is destined for a long wait.

4 thoughts on “Walkies

  1. Looks like you had a nice walk. We drive to take a walk too, either the park or the lake or main street of our small town. I don’t like being chased by dogs or baked at, lol.

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