It’s All Sytems Go Around Here

Live Action photos today from Calidore’s place.  School holidays are here and keeping children occupied/not fighting has proved to be an interesting occupation for Moi.

We went for a walk today – Elise, Nicola, James and I plus Milly and Ajax.  Poor little Ajax’s legs were wearing out by the end and we had only walked for 1 kilometre which took about half an hour.  Well he is nine years old and short and hairy so we forgave him his exhaustion.  I haven’t told the kids that this walking thing is going to be a daily occupation for the holidays….wicked grin.

Live Action  - Resting after a walk

Milly has spent the past half hour lying on the cool tiles watching the action that is happening but not participating.  As the youngest of all of us you would think she would be the fastest to recover.  Apparently not so.

Elise has fired up the tractor and is mowing lawns for me as I type.

Live Action - Mowing Lawns

Nicola has pruned the box hedge in “her” part of the garden and is busy cleaning up out there. I have promised her some seedlings to brighten it up if she gets it weeded – nothing like bribery…vbg.

Live Action - Gardening

James is hooning around in the go cart much to the girls disgust as he is raising lots of dust. He did help me drag out a big peice of mesh and get it into place at the vegie garden so I can grow pumpkins up it.

Live Action - playing

I have spent most of the morning cleaning the sewing room – yet again!!!!  At last I can see the bench where the sewing machine its, I can reach the computer without falling over stuff and there are so many ufo’s piled up (in neat piles of course) that I daresent start anything new until I can see the end of the pile.

Poor Ashley is missing out on all the fun and games and is at work – no doubt enjoying the wonderful sunshine we are having. It’s really warm outside.  The best kind of spring day.

Just to make my day complete the pea seeds I planted the other week are up and growing strongly and today the first of the carrots have poked their tiny leaves through the dirt to greet the sun.  Fresh vegies here we come.


One thought on “It’s All Sytems Go Around Here

  1. Oh I love the look of your blog!!!! You need to visit to help me update mine!!! Can I please join you for your daily walk and can I please borrow your 2 girls???? Sorry James but I don’t need the go cart hooning at the moment but the mowing and gardening would come in handy!

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