It would be nice to think that in the days since I last posted I had actually achieved something but the truth is while I’m busy pottering, major achievements are fairly far and few between.

I seem to be spending a bit of time on this, a bit on that and a bit more on something else none of which is particularly blog worthy.

Half a Disaster Zone

My sewing room is half a disaster zone. I did clean up a bit the other day and even managed to resort some of my wool into drawers which means that now I look at it and actually use it.  I also didn’t manage to fall in the sewing room this time unlike the week before when I stepped on some bubble wrap, my foot went out from under me and I landed on a box – which thankfully was filled with fabric so cushioned the fall a bit.  I was lucky I got out of the whole incident with just a badly bruised ego, hip and a sore back.  It could have been worse.  Instead as I cleaned this time I watched Mum out of the corner of my eye as she stood on a chair going through my quilting magazines looking for a pattern for a freind of hers.  Of course Mum didn’t fall – but had I tried it no doubt I would have…sigh.

There is slow progress being made on the socks I’m knitting on two circular needles.  So far so good and yes they are two different socks using two different balls of wool.  Being a new technique and with my usual genius muddle headedness I thought using the same ball of wool may have dire concequences and I would end up stuffing the whole thing up so badly that I would have to rip the lot out.

Socks on Circular Needles

The technique actually isn’t bad and now I think I know what I’m doing hopefully progress will happen.

New Sock Book

I cannot recommend the book highly enough – simple directions with lots of photos and tempting patterns to improve your technique and of course wrap your feet in scrummy knitted goodness.  Whether it’s quicker to knit socks this way rather than with double pointed needles I’m not to sure. I still like DPN’s but having seen Val knit with them at Cohuna the other week and socks magically appear before my eyes – I know I have a long way to go to match her speed and technique….vbg.  Mind you Val did say she learnt to knit socks during the war making them for the boys over seas so she has a few more years practice than me…..lol.

Hand dyed, hand spun wool

I bought some of the Earth Palette dyes at the Bendigo Wool Show and have only just mixed them up to play with. One skein of wool (a remnant from the Bendigo Woolen Mills) that was at best a 2 ply – certainly not as “thick” as sock yarn – was dyed with turquoise, purple and yellow. I have spun some alpaca as  fine as I could,  then plyed the two together – resulting in a lovely skein of close to 350 metres of goodness. Of course there was still dyed yarn left over so I plyed it with a skein of the same thickness dark blue wool and have enough to knit a very light weight scarf with it. Who would have thought that by just changing the colour of the plying yarn you would get such a difference in the skeins.

Of course there is always mending to be done around here and I have a confession to make.

I like darning socks!!!! There I’ve said it.

Mending Socks

I have been very dilligent at repairing any small holes in Ashley’s socks and have manged to keep them going for far longer than I thought.  I know socks are cheap but honestly for less than five minutes of pleasure and fun it’s worth it to me and I don’t have to buy him any new socks for a while – therefore saving a few dollars. Not that I would spend it on wool of course…..roflmol.

The good news with the car is that I drove it to Cohuna the other day and it didn’t miss a beat although now the fuel guage goes up as you use fuel rather than down.  It has been to the garage and the computer part checked out but it does need a new fuel sender thingie so it will be back in again when that arrives.  It’s nice to know it wasn’t anything serious and that I can still drive it. 

Best go and mow the lawns before the threatening rain strikes again. We aren’t flooded (or anywhere near it for that matter) and the local paper did say that it could be a fortnight before the river here shows signs of the flood waters further upstream but even then I don’t think we are in any danger of the devistation that has hit elsewhere.  Everything is decidedly soggy but in the moments of sunshine we have had I have been moving roses and a tree in the hope that with the damp conditions they will settle quickly into their new homes.  I have also been planting lots of seeds in jiffy pots ready to plant out in the vegie garden in a few weeks time. The vegie beds have been dug over and prepared ready for planting and I’m hoping for good sucess with my vegies this year. Even if they aren’t spectacular results the vegies I grow will have to be far better than what is on offer in the supermarkets lately.

Off to mow.  Have a lovely weekend.


2 thoughts on “Pottering

  1. It is hard to believe that the two balls of yarn came out of the same dye lot but with a different plying yarn, marvellous.

    I’ve been out of the loop and hadn’t heard about the flooding. I hope it isn’t too bad but will have to go and google to find out. Take care of yourselves.

    Been busy myself working on a baby quilt so hence no blogs for me in a bit either. LOL, now that you’ve posted I feel guilty for not posting vbg.

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