It’s Not Me…..It’s My Car

 I had the usual day yesterday.  Down the street to do the grocery shopping  – what a joy – not!!!  Pick up mail – nothing for me as usual, new school pants for Nicola (at $58 they had better last for a while) and on the way thought I should get some fuel as I want to drive to Cohuna next week.

 I drive a Ford Territory which seems to have beeps and buzzes and lights and symbols for pretty much everything on the car.  The only one I know (the rest I have to look up in the manual that came with the car) is the fuel symbol.  When it gets to just 80 km of fuel left – you are reminded by the most annoying noise ever and a light flashing.  I wasn’t at that point but knew I would be by the end of the weekend.

Fill the car with fuel – no lights buzzing and I headed off home.

Got in the car this morning and there is a light flashing and buzzer going telling me there is “NO FUEL”. 

Told the kids to get into Elise’s car I and drove them to school in that….wondering what was going on.

Came home tried my car again – same situation.  Rang Ashley and got the usual – “Are you sure you put fuel in it?  Did the pump actually work? ”   The usual thing a male asks a female…or at the very least what my husaband asks me when he thinks I’m loosing it.

Half an hour later Ashley was home to pick up something for work and I showed him the fuel docket from the service station showing I had put fuel in the car.  It always pays to have evidence to show you have done what you said you did.

He tapped the fuel tank ………………….and said there was no fuel in it!!!

Ten minutes later he drove off in my car (remember the one with no fuel) and was home fifteen minutes later.

He had been to the petrol station and put a whole…..wait for it……$3.00 worth of fuel in it showing the tank was full.  He had also been to the dealer where we bought the car and it it booked in to be fixed next Wednesday.  Apparently this is the second Territory to show this problem. It’s something to do with the cars computer.

Regardless of what it is I’m just glad it wasn’t me and I wasn’t going nuts or loosing it or anything else. 

I’m taking Elise’s car to Cohuna next week – it would be my luck my car would stop in the middle of no where and I would have to ring Ashley for help and we all know how well that goes down with the man of the house.


4 thoughts on “It’s Not Me…..It’s My Car

  1. Sounds typical, I’ve gotten to the point after all these years where I don’t automatically think it’s my fault. Sounds like a typical ploy where mom is so busy kids and dad try to make out like she’s got a screw loose upstairs when something goes wrong. I have a bad memory and they play on that big time.

  2. I like your new template…and had a chuckle when I read your car exploits…i think every woman has that experience with males and not just with cars. They just dont get the fact that we are clever and have brains.

  3. Have a safe trip to Cohuna with no annoying little lights, jingles or buzzers to scare you. It’s always interesting to go to a vintage car rally and see how simple the dashboards were in those cars. Why is life so complex now…

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