A Slight Obsession

I discovered the other day just how much I love centre wound balls of yarn.

I was standing in line at Aldi – outside the store as it hadn’t yet opened –  it was Thursday and therefore specials day and as Nicola wanted a TV (and had the money to pay for it) so dearest Mum had to line up in the wind and cold in order to ensure that Nicola got her TV.  Being just slightly organised, I had remembered to pack my crochet hook and some yarn so at least the twenty minutes I would be waiting around would not be wasted.  Ohh and on specials day it’s get in line early or you do miss out – however I am really glad I wasn’t standing in front of one elderly “gentleman” who quite literally used his trolley to push other shoppers out of the way then ran in a rather spritely fashion (considering his advancing years) to grab the first tv on the pallet!!!  While tempted to follow his example I figured I would hold onto my dignity and walked at a comfortable pace and still got the TV that Nicola wanted.  So here I am, freezing parts of me off that shouldn’t be frozen, crocheting away.  Did I get strange looks??  Possibly but I didn’t care as I was too busy trying to feel my fingers.  It was a hassel though.  I had to keep stopping to unwind yarn off a conventially wound ball.  In fact it was a right royal pain in the behind and seriously slowed down crocheting progress.
Frustration Plus

Fast forward a couple of hours and you would have found Nicola and myself waiting in the orthodontist waiting rooms for Nicola to have her braces checked and a brace reguled to a tooth.  I still had my crochet so continued on my merry way but again it was a hassel/inconvenience/pain in the butt to keep having to pull the wool off the ball.   I thought about resting the ball of wool in my lap but the thought of having to scrabble around the floor and under the coffee table/magazine table to retreive the ball, because as sure as eggs are eggs that’s there the escaping ball would end up, didn’t really appeal.

Fast forward three more hours and you would find us yet again in the orthodontist waiting room as the brace he glued on came out when Nicola was eating her lunch!!!!!  It was decided that she didn’t need that brace and he trimmed the wires so they didn’t stick into the insides of her mouth.  Being an incredibly organised mother I still had my crochet and continued on – once again wondering why I hadn’t taken the opportunity while I was at home to rewind the ball.
A Work In Progress

That night I wound the rest of the ball into a centre pull ball.
Ready to Knit

Then I got really carried away and wound some other full and part balls into centre pull balls…..including the two balls of wool that came with the frog kit I bought but have no intention of knitting…..yet!

Now my crochet resides comfortably in my bag and I can rest easy knowing that I can wait in line with something meaningful to do and not have to pause every few mintues to unwind wool from a ball which may then get tangled and make me (heaven forbid) look like I don’t know what I’m doing.  Centre pull balls are the way to go. No mess, no tangles, just the right tension (for me) and fun to work with.

I feel good.

4 thoughts on “A Slight Obsession

  1. I love centre pull balls as well, lol, I love making centre pull balls there is just something about it. I must say though that your little machine is better than mine. You have a bigger core than I do and I have to watch that the yarn doesn’t go over the top of mine when winding up the ball.

  2. Many years ago, back when wool came in skeins which required the assistance of a friendly adult, or even a grumbling child, to hold the wool on outstretched arms so that it could be wound by hand into a ball. Definitely no feeding from the centre with those balls. However, you could buy plastic wool carrier. Shaped like a ball about 15cm in diameter, it came apart at the centre. Wool was put inside, and the end was fed up through a small hole in the top. Carrier was screwed back together (just a twist action) and a ribbon attached to the top of the carrier was hooked over the knitters’ arm. One could walk around and knit, or sit down anywhere, and the wool never rolled away. I haven’t seen one since I left primary school.

    If I’m knitting at home I often just put the ball wool in an icecream container on the floor, where it feeds freely (not on icecream…lol) and doesn’t roll away. Bit awkward when you’re standing in a freezing queue outside Aldi though.

  3. I have been reading through your blog, and have to say, I love this idea! I too hate when yarn goes scurrying around the room while I am trying to crochet something:) I will have to look into getting one of these little machines:)

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