A Spinning Anniversary

It is exactly 12 months today since I bought my spinning wheels.

 Two Ashford Spinning Wheels

Twelve months of wooly wonder where I have created and experimented and bemused and fascinated  both Milly and myself  for hours. 

Spinning with my assistant

Twelve months of  the most  relaxing, frustrating and challenging enjoyment I have ever  had…..well apart from raising my children and training my husband that is.

To Spin??

Twelve months of filling my sewing room, house and life with wooly goodness.

Twleve months of learning new techniques of spinning, knitting and crochet.

It is also twelve months since I met my friend Lyn and the rest of the ladies in the Spinners and Weavers group in Cohuna who have also become good friends.

I wouldn’t trade the past twelve months for all the tea in China.


4 thoughts on “A Spinning Anniversary

  1. 12 months, wow, where has the time gone? You have learnt so much and achieved so much in that time (including holding onto your sanity!), looking forward to seeing what you and your wheels do in the next 12 months!

  2. That spinning action looks fantastic. I had a go at this years ago as my mum has a wheel, and I remember it being quite theraputic. Thanks for your kind encouragement on my blog, I am heading back into the sewing room now, for another dose of my therapy – quilting!

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