Sunday…Is Sock Knitting Day

Well that’s the theory any way.

Finally the bamboo circular needles I bought on ebay arrived so this Sunday which is forecast to be wet and cold is designated Sock Knitting day.

Bamboo Circular Needles

Now the dilema is what wool do I start with? 

Do I gravitate towards the hand dyed sock wool I have all ready to go?  

Handdyed sock wool

Do I pull out the commercial wool and start with that satisfying myself with self striping yarn?

Commercial Sock Wool

Do I go really mad and pull out two different balls of yarn and knit two totally different socks just so I know I’m picking up the right stitches and knitting them?

Arrrr the decisions I face.

Right now I need a cuppa and a reread of my book – just so I don’t totally stuff up on my first pair of socks knitted on circular needles you understand.



5 thoughts on “Sunday…Is Sock Knitting Day

  1. If it’s your first ones on circulars, go with commercial striped, so you can concentrate on the technique. I think the hand dyed ones deserve a lovely pattern.

  2. A very tricksy decision indeed. At least you have a few more sleeps to figure it out. Looking forward to seeing how you get on w circs; they elude me completely.

  3. If it was me I would go with the hand dyed but only as I would be lucky to get one pair finished and I’d want to make sure the hand dyed got used but as its you I’d go commercial first and conquer the new technique then go for the hand dyed!!!

  4. would be really interested to know how you got on with knitting socks on circulars – what do you do when you have to decrease for the toes?

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