Going Round and Round

There has been some serious spinning happening here of late.  I bought a wool picker/cradle at the recent Australian Wool and Sheep show that was held in Bendigo a few weeks ago.  It has to be the best thing by far that I have ever bought – well apart from my spinning wheels that is….vbg.  A fleece can be separated and roughly cleaned in just a few hours – compared to days of working on it by hand – and is then ready to be spun or carded if I want to get that fussy.  So far I have cleaned and sorted an alpaca fleece that I swear was off an alpaca the size of an elephant.  Throw in half a sheeps fleece of the most gorgeous chocolate brown colour and some other lovely brown alpaca and I am all set to be spinning for months.

I have been working on spinning some very fine alpaca yarn so I can knit (or at least attempt to knit) a fair isle Tam aka known as a fancy hat….lol.  The black is all spun now I’m working on the white. I intend to dye it with natural dyes  (keeping some cream) to create the pattern.

In my usual style I found when I started plying the two yarns together I was considerably shorter on one bobbin than I was on the other, so now have to spin some more alpaca to finish plying them.  Check out the jumbo bobbin (yes that is the big bobbin on the spinning wheel) I am estimated it will hold about 400 metres of yarn by the time I’m finished. Yippe – no joins – well at least not for several hundred metres.

I have started weaving my vest.

The actual weaving is fast – well it would be if I had more time to spend doing it.  This is the wool from the jumper I bought at the op shop which I then spent hours unravelling.

I am loving the way it’s weaving up – beautiful and soft and it should be lovely to wear.

And of course another book just happened to fall into my mail box.

I have been intriged by the idea of knitting two socks at once and decided to have a dabble in the waters of this technique.  I bought some bamboo circular needles on ebay (15 needles for $14!!!) and bought another steel needle for $5.50 here in town just so I would know which needle I was supposed to use at which time.  Unfortuantely my bamboo needles haven’t arrived (they will probably be here Monday) so my plans for extensive sock knitting therapy this weekend have been put on hold.  Meanwhile I’m drooling over the patterns in the book aaaaaannnnnnd searching Ravely and the patterns I have saved for the ideal pattern.  More and more I’m wearing my hand knitted socks as I am finding my feet are far more comfortable in them – not to mention warmer in this cold weather. 

Throw in the vest I’m knitting and the other vest I’m crocheting plus the shawl which has to be worked on when no one is around so I can concentrate on it aannnnddd the afghan for Mum’s birthday next year and I have more than enough projects to keep me going for months.  Ohh and Elise has just put an order for a new scarf.   She saw the purple/white merino I was spinning the other day and claimed the wool for herself and now wants a scarf.  Well at least I can knit that on big needles and it will work up fast.

3 thoughts on “Going Round and Round

  1. So nice to hear you again ,Do you realise you don’t have your email in your profile anywhere…and i have a new computer so I completely lost you.
    Email me so i can add you back to my address book…..

  2. Just got back from holiday to find your wonderful post. The yarn and weaving looks mavellous, I love the book – the socks on the front cover are beautiful. Still hot and muggy here so although your post is inspiring I won’t be touching the yarn till it gets a bit cooler vbg.

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