A Natural Progression????

I’m not sure if it’s a natural progression or if it’s just I want/need/have to have a new hobby but either way I’m slowly moving towards taking up weaving.  

I sat down and seriously thought about all that I do craft wise.  I sew and quilt.  I dye fabric which in turn lead to dyeing wool with both natural and commercial dyes. I knit and crochet.  With the stash slowly decreasing spinning my own wool seemed the logical choice not only dollar wise but also in creating my own unique yarns.  Weaving just seems to be the next step in this creative journey I am on.

I have been borrowing heaps of books from the library about weaving.  Some are incredibly good and some are incredibly bad.  The good books explain everything in “plain” english.  Simple terms that make it easy to understand.  Terms that allow me to grasp the concept and then with time and practice – lots of practice – hopefully expand that concept into something unique.  The bad books really deserve to be on the fire in my humble opinion but having said that there are no doubt readers out there who understand those books easier than I do.

One book that  I did find which is an absolute must.  Not so much on the weaving side of things although it does give very basic and simple to understand weaving instructions. but for colour use and design possiblities  this book is the ants pants of books.  Creative Weaving by Sarah Howard and Elisabeth Kendrick is amazing.  These ladies put colours together that I wouldn’t have dreamed of incorporating in the same article – pinks and reds.  Greens ranging from forest green to a very yellow green.  The most scrumptious lavender shades imaginable and even a set of colours that they named Pomegranate – pink, white and a sea green.  If you are a bit stuck on colour or just need some more inspiration or just looking for something with a wow factor then beg, borrow or steal this book.  It’s design possibilities are endless and while it’s title is about weaving it could be used to get the creative juices going in knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting or even painting your home.    No affils and all that but this is a book that I am going to buy as my present copy is on loan from the library  : – (  .

Just because I’m getting so excited about weaving and also because I fell in love with the wool I bought a jumper at the op shop earlier in the week and have spent the past few days pulling it undone and skeining up the wool.

I think – and I always find it difficult to tell – that I may have close to 900 metres of wool by the time I have finished.

I plan on mixing it with some Bendigo Woolen Mills wool to weave up hopefully enough fabric to make a vest.  Well that’s the plan anyway.  Of course there will be quite a bit of practice weaving in the meantime.  I have Spinners and Weavers in Cohuna on Tuesday and my friend Joy is going to bring her Rigid Heddle Loom for me to take home and play with.  She assures me it is very sturdy and I won’t be able to break it….vbg.  I’m sooooo looking forward to experimenting and using up some of the stash will be a bonus too.  If all goes well I have picked out the loom I want to buy  but that will depend on how I go with Joy’s loom.

There has been a tiny bit of spinning happening too.

It’s very difficult to get an accurate idea of the wool colour but it’s from the bag on the back right of the photo below. Lovely soft purples and mint greens and is a dream to spin. 

I don’t have a project in mind I just needed to spin but with this new found interest in weaving maybe that’s where it will be used up.  Who knows.

The best news is that I’m finally finding a balance between work, family, housework and craft.  I do what I can – work will always come first after all it’s what funds the rest but there is at least now some definition between them all. The kids have adjusted to my working more often. Ashley is finally catching up with the extra help and has got to the stage I’m not needed everyday, all day and I’m starting to get on top of the housework and am finding more time to spend with the children.  Life is good.

Now I’m off to get ready.  I’m taking Mum down the street to have a fancy morning tea as a belated Mother’s Day treat for the two of us.  We were so busy on Mother’s Day weekend and I felt bad that I didn’t do something special for Mum like I normally do that I decided that the first day off I had that we were both free we would go out.  It’s cool and cloudy and the wind is picking up outside so it’s a perfect day to sit in a cafe with cof fee. tea for Mum and something scrummy to eat.


3 thoughts on “A Natural Progression????

  1. Isn’t the progression thing funny – how we kind of toodle off down a crafty path….its fascinating..
    This week i bought air drying clay …where am I going? I have no idea…
    Looking forward to seeing your first attempts !

  2. Hi there C

    I noticed you were after a book… I have just discovered a great book site http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/

    Their prices are very, very good with FREE delivery world wide – almost too good to be true…

    Like you I am going through a tide of change… I am not sure where it will take me but as always it is about the journey not the destination…

    Take care now

    Sharon – Melbourne

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