Take a Deep Breath………and Relax

Thank you all for your lovely and heartfelt comments on my last “poor me” post.  It meant so much that there are people out there that care about me and are prepared to wait for my infrequent blog posts. 

Since that last post I have taken a deep breath and tried to relax.  It’s working!  Slowly!!!!  I didn’t realise at the time that I was also coming down with the girls flu/tummy bug which I am sure coloured my perception of life in a negative way.  I spent the weekend pottering which did more good than anything.  Back to work Monday and I was ok but by Tuesday lunchtime I pulled the pin and went home to bed to sleep for an hour.  It worked as by Wednesday morning I felt heaps better.  Even better was that Ashley didn’t need me Wednesday which as it happened was a good thing as James was home from school by 10 am with a tempreture and bad  cough.

Yes even the smallest man in the house has been inflicted by this wog.  He is running a temp still and still has the cough but has only vomited once thank goodness and appears to be a little better this morning than he was last night.  It’s scary when your child looks at you and says “I know you are Mum but where am I?”    Thank heavens that stage seems to have passed.

So yesterday was spent doing all the jobs that have been driving me nuts but I haven’t had time to do.  Vacumming and washing floors.  Loads and loads of washing.  Washing dogs – much to their disgust and changing beds.  I even found time to make some pumpkin soup which is today’s lunch. It felt good to be back on top of things again. 

This morning I have baked bread……

ready for lunch.  We haven’t had homemade bread for ages and it is soooooo much nicer than the bought stuff.

I have made buns and jam biscuits ready for morning and afternoon tea.

The washing is done and on the line.  There are only a couple of shirts in the ironing basket and I will get them done before I curl up in front of the TV with James and doing some more on this knitted shawl which is for Mum’s birthday at the end of June.

Dyeing this wool was part of my weekend pottering. It is merino and silk that I had spun a few months ago. Lovely and soft and really “smooshy” against your skin.  I tried to dye it with red geranium leaves which according to my book should give you an olive green when used with alum as the mordant.  It sort of did but it was a really pale and sickly olive green and I wasn’t impressed.  A couple of drops of green food dye added to the pot where the wool was still simmering , boosted the colour but still not enough to my liking.  Do I tipped in a bit more and of course, as was bound to happen, the  extra dye grabbed the wool in some spots and not in others but I’m still very pleased with it.  It gives a lovely variagation to the wool and makes it more interesting to knit with than if it was just one colour.   I really must play with this dyeing technique more as it has surprising results.

The shawl is easy to knit and can be found at Raverly – sorry I can’t provide a direct link to the pattern – haven’t worked out how to do that yet.  You will need to be a member  to access the pattern and it’s called the “Aplaca Shoulder Shawl”.

Right off to make a cuppa, enjoy a biscuit then do the ironing.  The rest of the day can be devoted to knitting or spinning or maybe even reading a book. I am enjoying this down time.  Can you tell??



4 thoughts on “Take a Deep Breath………and Relax

  1. oooooooohhhhhhh…….
    I can only imagine how divine your house must have smelled during the baking phase!!!!! Those biscuits and buns look sooooooo yummy!

  2. Sorry I didn’t comment on your previous post but am happy your world is obviously a much better place now.

    Plus I did one whole(six row) repeat of lace! But have put it to one side now as was left shaking 😉

  3. Thank you so much for that bread picture…..I had put the oven on high…..came in here and forgot all about it. I had a heat and bake loaf I cleaned out of the bottom of the freezer tonight…..
    It is now in…and the timer is beside me.

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