I’m A Good Vegemite

I’ve been very industrious today. 

The kitchen is clean.

The washing is out but due to come in shortly as there are black clouds that will hopefully bring rain looming up rapidly.

I’ve been busy mending clothes, library bags and pajama pants.  Th pajama pants were a priority according to James.  In his words “Can you fix the elastic Mum.  My pj pants keep falling down and it’s damm embarrassing when I’m trying to carry my breakfast to the table.”  With a request like that how could I refuse….vbg.

The ironing is all caught up and I might even get to do some knitting this afternoon if I’m very good.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and thoughts on the passing of Cleo.  It meant so much.  Must tell you though that in yesterdays mail there was a lovely bereavement card from the vet clinic, hand written, expressing their sympathy on the passing of Cleo.  It was a delightful thought and really bought home just how lucky we are to have such a fabulous veterinary practice here with staff that are not only professional but also very human and understanding about the attachement that Joe Public has to his/her pets.  It made a difficult time so much easier.

Bird Protection.  A Must Have if I want any hope of getting any vegies to eat.

My worm farm is crusing along and already I have a two litre bottle of worm wee just waiting to be watered onto my vegie garden which is also growing wonderfully.  Lettuce is nearly ready to start picking baby leaves, capscicums are ready to pick, silver beet is standing up lovely and tall and there are carrots everywhere.

Delphiniums just beginning to shoot.

I had the monthly Spinners and Weavers meeting in Cohuna on Tuesday.  What a fantastic day.  It was decided that as a group we would attend the morning tea that was being held for Vision Australia – a group that raises funds for the blind.  It was the best morning tea ever.  Sponge cakes, home made biscuits, scones that melted in your mouth and endless cups of tea and coffee.  The Guide hall where it was being held was full and there was an excellent table full of all sorts of goodies to buy. I came home with the best cream filled sponge for tea and a lovely red pot mitt.  There were competitions and a raffle and lots of laughter.  It really set the tone for the rest of the day. I’m back to Cohuna next Tuesday as we are working on our entry for the Australian Sheep and Wool show which is being held in Bendigo in July.  There has been lots of knitting of flowers and leaves for our entry but to be honest I’m still not sure what exactly our entry looks like as I haven’t even seen a rough sketch – still I”m doing my bit and knitting leaves and twigs and sticks for it.  At the very least next Tuesday will be an eye opener when I get to see our entry.

A New Vegie Garden Bed. The Delphiniums will be planted along the wire where the cat cage is.

Working tomorrow.  Ashley and I are off to Rainbow (about two hours drive each way) to finish off a house.  Hopefully with an early start we will be back at a reasonable time in the afternoon and be able to take what is left of the day easy.


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