Much Ado About Mulch

Remember that huge pile of branches and leaves that were the result of our rather drastic pruning on the weekend?? 

Here is photographic evidence of the result of the destruction – just in case you missed it…vbg.

It took two men, an entire morning, an industrial sized mulching machine and a lot of sweat and effort to create this……

….a huge pile of lovely mulch.  The photo does not really do justice to just how much mulch there is in this pile.

All the branches (some that were nearly to heavy for two men to lift), leaves and twigs were feed through the mulcher and turned into this.  If left it would rot down into some fabulous compost but it will be spread around the garden long before that happens.  Best of all – not one piece of the wood that we cut will have to be burnt – saving the atmosphere and space as green wood has to be left to dry for a couple of seasons before burning anyway.

Talk about enviromentally friendly!!!!

Ashley arrived home just as the men were finished and discovered that he had gone to primary school with one of the men.  How’s that for coinsidence?




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