Pruning – With A Chainsaw

What can I say – we came, we looked, we discussed then we attacked the trees along the front drive with the chain saw.

It was a major pruning operation that was long overdue and very much needed.

We planted these trees the first year we moved into the house – James (in his pusher) and I used to wander up daily to water them when he was just a baby.  There were originally three rows of trees but as time and the drought took it’s toll they are now more spaced out.

They have survived neglect, drought and the occassional broken branch.

Now they are liberated and will be encouraged to reshoot, bush out and look beautiful. 

It looks incredibly open at the front of our block now but Ashley is talking about putting in a new colourbond fence while the trees are pruned and out of the way to make it easier to work up there – which will hopefully happen before they bush out and become lovely and thick again. 

Of course there is a massive pile of tree branches and leaves that has to be dealt with (bottom right photo).  My job tomorrow is to ring the tree removal people and see if they will come down and mulch up the pile for me.  It’s a waste to burn it – not to mention the pollution in the atmosphere – and as mulch around here it will be invaluable.  The pile I might add is over six feet high and fifty feet or more wide at it’s widest point.  The scary thing is there are still more trees to be pruned – but they will have to wait until we can deal with this lot.

Needless to day Ashley and I are exhuasted as it took the two of us and a mate a day and a half to get all this done.

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